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how to find bud

This final strategy is not meant for those who don’t like risk. I don’t even do this [even though I have in the past]. By asking around, you’ll quickly learn “which neighborhoods to stay away from”. Why, because of crime, drugs and violence.

By this time, you should have garnered enough trust to get a straight answer.

What are these places?

Simply repeating this strategy enough will provide you with enough trust-over-time for the “target stoner” to offer you some bud. If they don’t offer you any bud, just before you exit the conversation, end it off with “man, I would love to smoke a bowl right now…but seeing that I’m new here, I don’t know anybody. You know of anything or anyone that can help me?”

It’s already difficult to adjust to a new city and new dynamics when you’re moving or traveling. There’s a lot of anxiety surrounding the brisk and sudden change. Not having weed makes it infinitely more unpleasant.

It takes balls to track down weed in a strange town…but hopefully this mini-guide gave you some insight on where to start your quest.

This article is designed just for you. Today, we’ll be going over the principles of tracking down a solid bag of reefer in any city on the planet!

What it is: A social network just for stoners
I know, we need another social network like we need to see another Coachella selfie. But if you’re looking for a safe space to share your “cannabis activity” and connect with fellow smokers, this is it. The anonymous network allows you to post photos and videos (presumably of you partaking) and connect with users via private message. And while it doesn’t promote itself as a dating app, there’s even a built-in swipe-right or swipe-left functionality for the photos and videos other people upload.

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What it is: Tinder for tokers
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Like Tinder if everyone on Tinder couldn’t pass a drug test, HighThere! enables you to find other people in your area to smoke with, and, you know, see where things lead. It borrows much of the layout and interface from Tinder — basically, you tell the app your mood, preferred consumption method, and energy preferences, and it gives you the option to swipe right (“High there!”) or left (“Bye there!”) on people it matches you with.

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Thanks to recent scientific breakthroughs, hemp manufacturers can now extract another version of THC from their plants — delta 8.

This may sound obvious, but if you’re in your own city, call up those friends of yours who you usually smoke with. In the spirit of people who enjoy cannabis, they will be happy to lend their hands. You know how it works, there are people who know people who know how to help you out.

Shipped to Your Door Legally in Your State

Delta 8 also offers similar benefits when it comes to easing stress, pain, inflammation, nausea, and vomiting. Some studies point to delta 8 THC as a potent appetite stimulant and neuroprotectant.

Once you’ve placed your order, the products should arrive in 2-3 days, which is totally worth it considering that you’re getting a certified and safe product.

Finding a weed dealer locally can be difficult, especially in countries where weed isn’t a popular substance. There’s also a risk of stumbling upon an undercover cop who will bust you for even trying to purchase cannabis. In some places, punishments for weed can be as high as several years in prison — not to mention some Asian countries where weed can grant you capital punishment.