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how to buy from leafly

You also want to make sure you check the health and ripeness of the trichomes. A perfect trichome will be milky white, and a plant with strong genetics will be blanketed by them. Clear trichomes are an indication that the plant was harvested before it reached maturity, and, if you see amber or brown trichomes, the plant was not harvested soon enough.

When it comes to purchasing cannabis, many people employ a system that reflects my wine purchasing strategy: I find a cool-looking label that fits my price point and move on to the checkout line. Does this help me find a good wine? Nope! But it allows me to get back home in a timely manner and that is half the battle when I’m grocery shopping.

So, what is the difference between that $20 and $60 eighth of Purple Punch? Why spend the extra cash? To answer those questions, we have to take a look at the characteristics that define quality cannabis.

Characteristics of quality cannabis

Proper storage can delay this process, but nothing will completely stop it. So be sure to check the harvest date on your flower before purchase, as the chemical complexity is dependent upon it—you’re making sure the compounds responsible for the entourage effect are still there!

Ever wonder why the top-shelf flower is not always the highest in THC? Quality cannabis is characterized by a complex arrangement of cannabinoids and terpenes, not just THC. This intricate arrangement of compounds— called the entourage effect when consumed —will produce robust, well-rounded effects that result in a more enjoyable high.

Ripe, white trichomes. (Gleti/iStock)

A jar has a minimal effect on the overall price of the product but a large effect on your experience of the product. Pay for the jar.

Leafly Pickup is like a take-and-bake pizza—you order online, dispensary staff prepares it, and you come and pick it up.

On the left, you’ll find a list of shops near you that offer Pickup; you’ll also see the Pickup filter on up top. Click on a shop and you’ll go to their menu.

Leafly Pickup is available at select locations in these US states:

Use this link to find shops in your area if your state offers cannabis delivery. The “Delivery” filter will be on up top. If you don’t see any shops, then your state might not offer delivery or you may be too far away from a shop that offers it.

Did you know you can order weed online? Leafly Pickup allows you to find a specific cannabis product, order it online, and then go to the store to pick it up. Want weed but don’t want to leave the couch? Some states even offer weed delivery!

Note that Delivery is not available anywhere in Canada. To see provinces that offer Pickup, check out the section above.

Unfortunately, the short answer is that you shouldn’t. Though you know (and we know) that cannabis isn’t the evil substance pushed in the bygone D.A.R.E. era, obtaining it illegally has consequences you might not like—even if you don’t get caught. Below, find out why patience isn’t just a virtue, it will also benefit you and the cannabis movement in a variety of ways.

Obvious legality issues aside, buying cannabis from the black market does not ensure a clean and reliable product. Legal states have the luxury of testing everything from potency to pesticides to mold. Unfortunately, that’s not true for states where cannabis is outlawed, and if a consumer is immunocompromised in any way, a contaminated dime bag can create a litany of health problems or exacerbate an already growing health issue.

Leave the Black Market Behind

Write or call your state government officials, senators, and representatives about cannabis legalization. State your case and be vocal, be present, and be ready for a little pushback. Legalization is ramping up, but that doesn’t mean entire generations are going to completely abandon everything they were taught in the Reefer Madness and D.A.R.E eras at the drop of a hat.

W ith legalization sweeping the nation and year-over-year ballot initiatives boosting the movement, people in illegal states are waiting for their chance at the next green rush. Change takes time, however, and impatient consumers in areas where cannabis remains illegal or highly restricted may be wondering, “How can I get my hands on a gram?” without having to wait for the legal green light.

Purchasing cannabis off the black market can also lead to the indirect support of drug cartels. Though the purchase of black market cannabis in legal states has plummeted, cartels still produce cannabis to sell within illegal borders. The presence of cartel-moved cannabis increases crime rates, while legalized states have shown a near 40% drop in drug-related violent crimes in border towns. Worth the wait? We think so.