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I ordered $200 worth of seed. Almost 50% were male. They were supposed to be feminized seed. No way to say how annoying it is to grow some thing for several weeks only to have to chop it up and put it in the trashcan. They should get this right! I won’t be ordering from them ever again.

Purchased 2 types of seeds, Bruce banner and cheese seeds. Bruce banner seeds germinated fine but not a one of the cheez seeds. NOT ONE. Will take a loss and move on. May or may not be their fault. All I no is they sold me bad seeds. Will not again.

The seeds definitely grow and are beautiful but don’t have all their natural/original leaves.

Feminized seeds were not feminized.

Seeds got here fast, like 10 days. Everything was super easy. Seeds look great. Nice and fat. No pale scrawny ones like seeds man so far, excellent., Fair prices, for freebies they give you more of what you ordered. Not some BS you didn't. Highly recommend.

Awesome, awesome, awesome.. had a problem with one particular strain. Customer service sent me out a replacement set. Awesome

Great place to gain trustworthy knowledge about everything cannabis to buying premium cannabis products. Great Customer Service and the staff genuinely care about helping you through your issue.
D.Mosel Sr
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Take precautions because delivery is not certain and even if it comes through the seeds wud be bad . offers high genetic ferminized seedlings and a manual to grow them for first timers at a relatively low price and delivery is 💯 guaranteed discreetly so distance is not a barrier. Been glued ordering from ,I recommend for anything cannabis related.

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Feminized weed seeds can be grown in either indoor or outdoor environments. You’re essentially applying the same principles as growing cannabis from regular seeds. The significant difference is that with feminized strains, there’s no need to identify the plant’s gender. Feminised marijuana seeds are 95 – 99% guaranteed to be female. Separating male plants is therefore no longer a problem.

The feminization process is complex, however. This simplistic overview should not be considered a complete guide to feminizing cannabis seeds .

Hektol Feminized

Rodelization produces female seeds with a slightly higher chance of hermied plants. A hermaphrodite plant means seedy buds and increased risk of cross-pollination.

We are obliged to share this caveat, too – if you do spray your flowers with colloidal silver you cannot smoke them . Do not rinse them and do not try to wash the solution off as it will not work. Be safe and put all sprayed female plants in the trash .

Shopping at Homegrown is so much fun, it’s like being a kid in a candy store. ” Nikki Lastreto .