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Making edibles is often easier if you have a lot of bud to work with, but there are some methods like Firecrackers that allow you to get decent results with relatively small amounts of weed.

Put freshly dried or “green” buds in glass mason jars to improve their quality over time. Make sure buds feel dry (they shouldn’t feel moist)

After buds have been dried, it’s time for curing. The buds are put in airtight jars that get “burped” daily for 2+ weeks. This process of storing newly dried bud in an airtight container while giving them periodic bursts of fresh air is known as “curing”.

1.) If Buds Are Green or Wet…

Seeds start growing when buds get exposed to pollen (either from a male plant or a hermie) in the flowering stage. A few seeds don’t have much effect on potency, but a very seedy bud that’s been heavily pollinated often produces weak effects. Although the exact reason is unknown, it’s likely the plant simply puts more energy into making seeds than producing trichomes/cannabinoids.

Water Pipes, Bongs and Gravity Bongs – much more efficient that pipes, joints or blunts

Additionally, when the smoke goes through the water, it cools the smoke and filters out tar without affecting the potency of the smoke (since THC doesn’t bind to water). As a result, buds smoked out of a water pipe taste better and are easier on your throat than a joint or pipe. The more water the smoke has to filter through, the greater the effect, which is why you sometimes see water pipes with many elaborate water chambers ?

The biggest factors when it comes to cannabis potency are…

This plant has an amazingly strong incensed and sweet taste. The fragrance coming from the flowers will absolutely flood your garden or grow room, and when you’re smoking it you’ll probably kick yourself for not having planted even more. This plant produces quite a lot of resin on its leaves, so using the trimmings to extract hash and whatnot is a major advantage this strain has. It also has a thick central bud, followed by multiple large branches; this plant really is quite large. If you decide to grow it using the SCRoG method, then the mesh will be full almost straight away due to how fast the branches grow. Its effect is mostly indica, and it’s perfect for going to sleep. It also takes fertilizing quite nicely, but it really doesn’t need much to develop correctly; fertilizing once a week is enough to get the most out of this plant. You won’t regret trying these seeds, even if they do take a bit longer to flower.

This is almost every experienced grower’s favorite strain. I’m pretty sure almost everyone has planted this strain at least once, and if you haven’t then now’s your chance. These plants are strong and resistant to practically everything. You can harvest this bad boy outdoors around the end of September if you’re looking to get the most of it, although it can look ready much earlier than that. It grows out long side branches that grow upwards with the plant, making for a Christmas tree-looking kind of plant. This strain isn’t delicate at all and it can deal with a heavy diet, as it’s much harder to over-fertilize than other strains. If you’re looking for a plant for guerilla grows, for early harvesting or for a large production in a small place, then this is the seed for you. Its taste and aroma are truly unique and characteristic, so if you’ve never tried it, it can be a bit difficult to describe. This strain is also perfect for novice growers, as it really doesn’t need too much care and the seeds themselves are rather cheap.

This plant is medium sized, and if you’re planting in Spain you’ll need to plant around March/April so that it can develop a large amount of branches that you’ll need to wire later on so the branches can put up with the weight of the heavy buds. This plant loves sun light and is incredibly pleasing to smoke. It has a sweet flavor and once you exhale, that flavor will stick around in your mouth for quite a while. This plant is quite eye-catching to look at, with a mix of blue/purple tones, but its smell is even more interesting. It smells literally like bubble gum and candy, making you want to eat it right away, and that smell will soon translate into taste once it’s ready for harvest. We grew this baby from a clone and ever since then it’s been one of my favorite go-to strains. It’s the kind of cannabis that you have in your bag and people can smell it from meters away, giving you strange looks on the bus.

The best marijuana in the world is homegrown; no weed can be as satisfying as weed that you’ve grown yourself. Whenever you dedicate time and patience to your own plants, smoking them or consuming them in any other way is going to be much more satisfying than consuming any other cannabis that you can get your hands on. The best marijuana in the world is simply the one that you like the best; if you like feeling sleepy and relaxed, then the best strain in the world to you will be a nice strong and sedative Indica. If you’re a compulsive consumer and you want a strain for that every day grind, then the best strain in the world for you would be an energizing sativa.

Today we’re going to give you a list of strains that we know and love, so maybe you can find a decent one here that you want to try out for yourself! Our personal favorites are:

This strain is extremely potent and a favorite among smokers. It has dense and strong smoke that will conquer the lungs of even the most experienced of smokers. It’s really not hard to grow, as this strain isn’t delicate in the least. It grows strong and large during the summer and it turns into an absolute monster around mid-October (this is referring to Spain), it will obviously need to be planted and begin flowering at different times in different places around the world. These plants will fill up with long and fat buds. It tastes like… well, weed. It has that typical cannabis flavor that can’t be explained any other way. It’s perfect for helping you sleep, as you’ll feel the effect after just a few drags. Once you harvest this baby you’ll have potent buds that are full of resin, capable of K.O-ing the most experienced smoker you know. The plant in the photo was planted a bit late to keep it smaller, but you can plant it earlier and it will grow even fatter with a longer fattening period.

These are the strains that we’ve loved the most over the years, and if you have any questions or suggestions don’t forget to leave a comment below!

B.C. Northern Lights is a Surrey-based company that makes hydroponic grow boxes approved by the Canadian Standards Association.

Their box for personal growing is called "the Roommate" and looks a lot like your typical fridge. But open it up and you'll see spots for four plants, a fan, lights and pre-programmed settings for an optimal growing environment — for tomatoes or weed.

"We're told that modern cannabis is a GMO product that requires chemicals to make it unnaturally potent, and that these processes, they destroy the properties that are used to produce them," he said.

As easy to grow as tomatoes, says one stakeholder, and grow boxes are making it even easier

Current federal legislation for growing at home allows up to four plants per household, and technically, cities do not need to make any new legislation to allow it.

But provinces and municipalities do have the power to restrict how recreational marijuana is grown and sold in their area.

"Cannabis essentially requires the same components that tomato plants would require to grow. Anybody who is a forward thinking, logical person could set up a safe grow environment for four to 12 or 20 plants in a home or a porch or in any of these kinds of settings," Gonzalez said.

"Our understanding was we could actually pass a zoning amendment bylaw prohibiting residential cultivation of recreational cannabis. We haven't done that, we've taken the proactive step of allowing it," said Whistler Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden.