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high grade seeds

Highgrade Seeds There are many potent strains of marijuana on the market today. Never before has there been so much selection available to growers of worthy genetics to choose from. This was a result of cross-breeding of one strain with another to produce new strains. It seemed however that yield and potency were inversely related in marijuana: the potent strains were often smaller plants with smaller yields while the large yielders often produced inferior weed.

At HIGHGRADE SEEDS we have developed the Best Quality Marijuana Seeds that combine eye-popping yields with a potency that will make any die-hard pot smoker jump with glee! These strains have been named “super strains” and they are available for sale on this website!

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When grown properly you can expect these Highgrade Seeds super strains to double or triple your current yield while providing exceptional quality highs ranging from numbing body stone to soaring & euphoric.


And if you like great taste in your bud our strains will not disappoint. All Highgrade Seeds will yield great tasting smoke with strong spicy/earthy/fruity elements. The result is a very pleasant smoking experience.

If you want to simplify the cultivation even more, you should opt for autoflowering Marijuana seeds. These will reach florescence independent from altering lighting cycles – which a usually a core requirement. Furthermore, these species need less cultivation time and are hence earlier ready for the harvest.

Other categories that have been favored by our customers are auto-flowering seeds as well as seeds used in medical treatments.

At High Supplies you can buy cannabis seeds comfortably online – always at the best prices. We sell premium marijuana seeds as a trademark and don’t feel the need to ask our customers for a minimum purchase. Take your time and poke around our page. We are looking forward to your order.

Blue Dream Feminized

The seeds were selected according to their first-class germinal performance with particularly high yields, high-level resistance, and adaptability.

Established in 2006, High Supplies has been cultivating a love for cannabis culture as well as cannabis seeds. We offer over 50 different varieties of marijuana seeds.

High Supplies Premium Cannabis Seeds are cultivated in the Netherlands. They are hybrids from the breeds Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. Our Cannabis seed shop is divided into different categories. You can directly search for a breed suited for either indoor or outdoor cultivation or opt for feminized seeds, which, being true to their name, have been modified to grow only female plants. Of course we also offer traditional seeds that develop both male and female plants.

Marijuana seeds for indoor and outdoor cultivation

Of course, I Love Growing Marijuana does have a 100% Germination Rate Guarantee, and gives you free seeds with each order so you are still getting a lot of green for your green, while Herbies Seeds is known for occasionally selling low-quality, low-producing seeds.

All of their offerings are high-quality, top-notch cannabis strains. Some of their bestsellers are Bruce Banner, Super Glue, White Tahoe Cookies, Cherry Pie, and Godfather OG.

In particular, they focus on offering cannabis seeds to medical patients who rely on them to treat ailments like nausea and pain.

Seed Prices

When it comes to the cost of their seeds, their prices are low to average when compared to other seed banks on the market.

If you’d rather buy from a seed bank that has a germination guarantee,and offers more payment options then I would recommend using ILGM or Weed Seeds Express

They have over 3,200 reviews on Trustpilot, with an impressively high overall rating of 4.2 / 5.

Before being shipped, the seeds are evaluated to see if they are deformity-free, packed up in crush-proof packaging, and discretely shipped.