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head cheese marijuana seeds

The buzz hits you instantly and is a great one. Head Cheese Feminized will allow you a nice high that will keep you creative. Great strain for the creators of the world. This will not let any of the smokers down and already has you all coming back for more.

The scent on Head Cheese Feminized is amazing. It gives you such a nice piney lemon scent. The taste is a very earthy type with a little bit of a pine aftertaste. Head Cheese will allow you to have intelligent conversations without getting tongue tied or stuttering. This is a very potent type that will keep you happy.

Common downsides to this type also cottonmouth with red eyes, but being paranoid is not big with this strain. Anyone whose creativity hit a wall I suggest this Head Cheese Feminized strain. Roll it up, light it up, smoke it up, and then get to creating

Its taste can be described as spicy cheese with a creamy earthy background that envelopes all its flavour like a caramel.

Cutivated outdoors, Head Cheese is ready for harvest in mid-October and you can get very large and productive plants that grow vigorously, providing the grower with high yields of excellent quality flowers coated with a layer of resin that brings fragrance to the entire garden.

Head Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds is a mostly sativa hybrid created by bringing together two living legends of the international cannabis scene in the shape of Headband and Cheese, resulting in an ideal strain for day to day use, uplifting the mood and relaxing the body with a potent and well-balanced effect.

Head Cheese is a vigorous and branchy plant that adapts well to all the growing systems that can be found nowadays, soil, hydro, aeroponics, coco, etc. It responds well to pruning and training, and is well adapted to both SOG and SCROG cultivation techniques.

In indoor grows, the flowering period for Head Cheese is from 9 to 10 weeks, when you can harvest dense and highly resinous buds with a great aroma and a superb flavour that will delight your tastebuds.

Its effect is elegant and refined, a balanced mixture of euphoria accompanied by a uplifting and lively feeling of happiness which adds a touch of creativity while providing a physically relaxing comedown sensation at the end of the experience.

10/10 all day strain with headband effect, uplifting yet slightly sedating. Perfect for chilling with the TV on or videogames

Balanced high, one of my favorites.

I get the BEST pain relief from this strain!! Ahhhh. So, when I sesh, I like to have a little of this and a little of something else on hand, because I have a lot of anxiety and do NOT want to be *uplifted*at all. ? I also don’t know if it’s due to who grew my particular bud, however what I smoked was not very cheesy at all. It was just an earthy, lovely smoke. Also contained 20.08 mg/g of Beta Myrcene.

Head cheese is a surprisingly fruity vape, with earthy aftertaste. It was a happy lift in the morning, which also took away my arthritis pain. Really great for digging into some music, or whatever your hobby might be. Great for focus.

4.2 with potential to get better. 22.someting% and really really nice terp profile; myrcene 21mg ocimene 5.50 pinene 1.45mg . according to a lab in las vegas out of all the samples they tested (some thousands I cant remember specifically) this and True OG tested highest the have come across 34 and 37 respectively, not too mention the terp and other cannabinoid content was super high too. Id love to get ahold of one of polaris's batches that is somewhere near that. oh i found it funny that this strain actually does smeel like cheese, Ive tried regular uk cheese and i didnt qite get the same smell profile, it didnt smell like cheese though. Interesting strain. pretty nice hybrid aswell has the best of both worlds.