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hawaiian marijuana seeds

Training Hawaii Maui Waui Feminized is recommended and a great way to control the final height of the plants, once flowering has commenced. Yields can reach 350 – 450 g/m², and the buds will grow with a tall and thin, with an abundance of sugar leaf and pistils. Trimming the buds may take longer than other strains, however hash makers and extractors will have plenty of trim after growing this tropical, citrus Hawainn delicacy.

Experiencing this strain: Smokers who love a cerebral boost that fires up creativity, energy and a sense of motivation, will love this strain. Her effects are fast acting and will send the mind into an electric high that boosts clarity and focus. Perfect for morning times, and busy individuals who wish to stay focused throughout a long work day.

A full blooded sativa from the beautiful island of Hawaii that will keep you passionately creative, energized and rejuvenated for hours on end. This tall, fast growing girl is a true expression of an old school equatorial landrace with intense tropical flavours. A must have for purveyors of the world’s finest sativa Cannabis!

Strain Characteristics: Expect this lady to grow with thin woody branches, large internodal spacing, and long side branching. The appearance of the leaves will be thin fingered and long and serrated, where they can grow as big as your hand, meaning she is one of our more difficult strains to grow.

Genetics: Hawaii Maui Waui Feminized is an interbred line, meaning that she is the 6th generation of breeding lines. A sativa that will require 10-12 weeks to flower before harvesting and can grow very tall, so we recommend this strain to those with previous experience with aggressive fast growing sativas, or with unlimited plant height indoors and outdoors. Due to her long flowering period, we advise this strain to those who experience long summers living in a hot climate.

Quote from a customer: “ WOW is all I can say this strain was like auto pilot l mean just set back and let her go. She was bigger than a Christmas tree and the same shape until I put her under my 4×8 Scrog net and then she filled it in like a champ. Switched it to flower and she went nuts trying to reach the lights. Flowered just as easy as it veg and huge yield. I got 2.5 pounds out of her yea just one plant. And some old school taste that I haven’t seen around since the 80’s brought me back to the old day’s. Will be growing this out again very soon. AA+++” – Charles W.

The birth of the hippie movement of the ’60s brought with it a highway along which masses of glorious ganja made its way up and down the West Coast, into Colorado and, of course, included Hawaii, where it was always okay to chill out, free of burdensome western politics and where some of the most famous strains in weed history were born and bred.

All in all, it’s a fantastic all-around strain for anyone growing marijuana in Hawaii.

Order American Seeds Online from us because we are a homegrown American company with our fellow citizens’ best interests in both heart and mind. We are dedicated to sourcing out the very best American breeders and only the highest quality seeds to showcase for you. It is because of this dedication to excellence that we are proud to wave the American flag for the greater good of our nation and provide some of the best marijuana seeds money can buy. We have put in the time and done the research necessary to safely store our seeds so when your hand-picked order gets to you, your seeds are ready to go.

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Both indoor and outdoor cultivation have succeeded through eons of seed planting. Taking clones is a more efficient way to start the next crop, ensuring genetic security and continuity of product, but there is something to be said for sewing a seed and helping it flourish into some of the giants which can be cultivated in this tropical climate. Hawaii has excellent natural soil for growing weed. You will have to keep an eye on your humidity levels, but generally, seeds planted in this tropical paradise tend to flourish, as is evidenced by the legendary fables of Maui Wowie, Puna Buddaz, and Moloka’i Purpz.

Originally from the Netherlands, the sativa-dominant Jack Herer grows surprisingly well in warmer climates. And when properly nourished, the indoor growers in Hawaii can see incredible yields in about 50 to 70 days.

Although novice growers may find some trouble growing Northern Lights in the open, the strain gives a healthy yield indoors without requiring too much effort. Once planted, the plant flowers within eight weeks.

If you want to buy marijuana seeds in Hawaii, contact Weed Seeds USA to buy your seeds or purchase online: 1-844-807-1234.

For people living in Hawaii, marijuana seeds are difficult to come by. Many customers turn to Pacific Seed Bank because they know our premium selection is trustworthy and of the highest quality. Hawaii is actually a great place to grow cannabis because of the weather conditions, it gets the perfect amount of rain and sunshine all year long. Cannabis plants thrive best in conditions that are both wet (to gain as much moisture as possible) and sunny. You’d do well to grow your cannabis plants outside—just as long as you do so away from the public eye. We’re not quite sure how many cannabis plants you’re legally allowed to have per household as it varies from state to state. A private yard or fenced area would likely be best for outdoor cannabis plants in Hawaii.

Well, yes and no. Depending what kind of marijuana you’re talking about. If you want to buy marijuana seeds in Hawaii, that’s totally fine! No medical marijuana card, paperwork, or documentation needed. If you suffer from a medical condition and have a valid marijuana card, then it’s legal. The state of Hawaii legalized medical marijuana in July 2000. Originally, the law allowed patients to grow their own plants, up to 7 per household, but did not allow dispensaries to be opened. But then, in 2015, an additional law passed that permitted the use of dispensaries, and now, medical cannabis is for sale on all islands.

Is Marijuana Legal In Hawaii?