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gods gift marijuana seeds

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Cannabis cultivators would be pleased to know that growing God’s Gift takes little effort to grow, and provided you abide by the recommended cultivation techniques, you’ll be rewarded with a rich harvest. The strain is a nutrients and water guzzler, so make sure you offer both in copious amounts.

God’s Glue Feminized

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Yield can be maximized through the SOG technique where exposure to light is intensified. Trim the canopies once in a while for accelerating growth. Scissor the top frequently to stimulate healthy growth of plants that ultimately leads to development of a profusion of colas. Since the kolas are of a small size, the more the merrier. Feed large doses of organic nutrients and water at all stages of growth.

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BC Bud Depot take pride in developing award-winning cannabis seeds and offering one of the most comprehensive collections in the world. The BC Bud Depot has been developing the best cannabis seeds for years and every strain they carry has earned a place in their line-up of legendary breeds.

The hunger-inducing properties from the indica properties also make the strain effective for improving one’s appetite. Improvement of one’s appetite explains why the demand for God’s Gift seeds for sale is exceedingly high.

God’s Gift weed seeds are revered for their versatility and ability to give high yield both indoors and outdoors. As a cannabis enthusiast, you are expected to keep all growing conditions optimal to harvest as many high-quality buds as possible.

God’s Gift cannabis seeds are the ideal choice for people who adore weed with minimal CBD levels. The highest CBD level tested in God’s Gift cannabis is 1%, which is negligible compared to the THC.

Taste and Aroma of God’s Gift

The indica properties, on the other hand, induce a calming effect that you might find overwhelming. If you love spending time meditating or in a calm environment, you should try this strain out. However, it is advisable to take a few puffs lest so that indica doesn’t overwhelm you.

The head rush from the sativa properties in God’s Gift marijuana is enough to keep you giggling, albeit for a short period. At this point, you might enjoy an adrenaline rush that leaves you high and happy.

However, the uplifting high is soon replaced by a calming effect. You first sink into deep thoughts, which are then clouded by a state of deep tranquility. As the indica properties continue to sink in, you might start to experience a hazy feeling. The limbs and other body parts start to feel stuck in one place. If you have low THC tolerance, the sedating effects might push you into a state of couch-lock or deep sleep.

Gorgeous leaves – The sugar leaves in God’s Gift marijuana are violent in color. Some of the sugar leaves might also have green or gray shades, with orange or red pistils to boot.