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3. Review traffic. Sellers can grant you access to Google Analytics. Ask for read-only access to verify site traffic.

4. Schedule a call. Communication is key. The best way to find out more is to speak directly with the seller. For your protection, keep all communication within Flippa.

2. Review financials. Financials are seller-provided inputs. Always ask for verified financials. Ask for a tax return or request access to their dashboard. if it’s an ecommerce store get a transaction report.

Before making an offer

Flippa’s platform is free for buyers. Here are our tips for first-time buyers:

1. Look for verified sellers. Sellers should verify their email, phone, and government ID. When a seller has completed all verifications, we identify them with a checkmark like this:

5. Make the offer on Flippa. We’re here to help. Flippa does not charge buyers and by making an offer on Flippa you’ll get access to our post-sales support team.

1. Agreements & Contracts. Connect with a US-based lawyer or purchase asset-specific template legal documents via Flippa Legal.

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Dominion Seed Company’s Shineapple. I like that is is a very resinous plant, and that it leans toward the narcotic side which is very helpful for pain relief and insomnia. I also like that Duke has included so much information about the strain to help customers.

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Ganja Farmer – Jelly Beans Feminized

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My top pick would be Humboldt Seed Co’s Pineapple Upside Down Cake. The sample I got was AMAZING! The flavor was like sucking on pineapple candy through a tail pipe. The high was super uplifting and long lasting. 10/10 Would smoke again.

My pick is an ‘Odie’ but a goodie. Homegrown Natural Wonders has been a great pick for anyone looking for some monster numbers and gorgeous pictures.

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We have more than enough for our gardeners this year, so extra seed sets will be sold to gardeners outside of WCG.

In addition to the packet of 40, there is a limited supply of Snow Crown Cauliflower and Touchstone Gold Beet for Seed packets may be purchased at the monthly garden meeting or by contacting Ray or Dita..50 per packet.

Seed packets are ready for purchase! Do you have yours yet? The seeds have been chosen by gardeners who have years of experience growing in the Houston climate. There are 40 varieties of vegetables in this year’s seed packet. The cost is $12. If purchased individually the seeds would cost over $100.

Get your seeds and start planning! Some varieties can be planted now (September) and most others can be planted in October and throughout the cool winter months.