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free marijuana seeds no purchase

Whenever a good deal comes in I send out the alert right away so you don’t miss out. On average I’d guess that would be 1 or 2 a month. Some months I get and send out more. Some months nothing worth alerting you for comes across my desk. I only send out alerts for good deals. Deals that are worth my time to send and your time to read.

Most free seed deals work something like this – buy 10 seeds and get an extra 10 seeds for free. There are variations. Sometimes it can be a picture competition, or a review request. But regardless, it is always a give and take situation.

It’s a no-spam private list.

Also make sure you use an email that you check fairly often because free seed deals usually only last for a couple of days, a week at the most. If you are late seeing the alert you will miss out. Nothing I can do about that.

So from my side your information is safe and secure.

However, to get free cannabis seeds you will be required to take some action like make a small purchase, or enter a competition, or do a review, or whatever.

Dutchfem is the best Dutch cannabis seeds company founded by experienced Dutch seed growers in the Netherlands. Available are autoflowering seeds, which bloom automaticly and after 8-9 weeks result in a plant that’s ripe for harvest, or medicinal CBD seeds for comercial licensed hemp growers. All Seeds are feminized, so customers would not need to remove any males when trying to keep the females. The plants are free of both parasites and pesticides, while high quality is emphasized by the company.

Order marijuana seeds from your favourite cannabis seeds bank, and receive FREE cannabis seeds, Grinder, Lighter, Smoking Paper, FilterTips, Boveda, Easy Start Plugs, Pen, Cap and a Dutchfem T-shirt with your purchase!

This offer applies to only a few strains at a time, and these change regularly. However, these ‘buy 10, get 10 free’ offers have included popular strains like White Widow and Super Silver Haze, so it’s well worth keeping an eye on these offers.

In fact, most months they give free seeds with most orders. (They have good medical marijuana strains so worth checking out if this is an interest.)

Where to get free cannabis seeds online

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds are usually giving away 10 extra seeds for free when you buy 10 seeds. Which strains this applies to varies from time to time so click here for details (then click on the ‘sale’ tab along the top): Free marijuana seeds from AMS

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) also often give away 10 free seeds when you buy 10 seeds.

Well, that’s trickier. None of the top seed banks give free seeds with no purchase. You do have to place an order to get your freebies.