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feminized sativa seeds

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Sativa seeds produce cannabis with a high THC content. They contain less CBD in contrast to Indica cannabis strains. But not only does the genetics affect the THC and CBD content, it also affects the external characteristics. This is because the plants grow quite tall (2.5 to 6 feet tall) and the leaves are narrower and lighter compared to other cannabis strains. The buds are fluffy and spiky. Because of their size, they are ideal outdoor plants that provide high yields.

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds

Sativa seeds originated in two places of the world: in the humid areas of Southeast Asia (Thailand and Indonesia) and South America (Colombia, Peru and Mexico). The humid climate of these areas has made the Sativa a strong strain with increased resistance to mold.

Choose from our wide range of sativa seeds and order today. On Weedseedsexpress you will find a large selection of sativa seeds. Sativa is known for its powerful, euphoric high. The plants are especially suitable for outdoor growing because they can get pretty big, but they can also be grown indoors. This ensures good yields.

Sativa seeds are suitable for:

The strain is thought to possess a moderate THC content and would often produce a mind – centered effect that is uplifting and energizing. Sativa strains are great for both recreational and medicinal uses.

Cannabis Sativa seeds can be planted indoors or outdoors now more due to advancement in the genetic profiling of the parent plants. Renowned seed breeders like us continue to find new ways to twerk the plant to allow it offer all of its potentials to the intending farmers.

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Sativa vs Indica seeds: what’s the difference?

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Sativa – Latin and means “cultivated.” The term Sativa was first given to hemp cultivated for medicinal purposes. English herbalist William Turner is credited to have been the first to describe this specie by this name in his book, “The Names of Herbes (1548)”. Over the years, the Cannabis Sativa has gained worldwide fame for its fiery effects and was a key ingredient in potions, and medicinal drinks for the treatment of stomach upset, diarrhea and a host of other medieval illnesses.

Neville’s Haze Feminized – A combination of the original Haze – an almost psychedelic tropical sativa – with one quarter Northern Lights – a powerful, heavy-hitting indica. The result is a tall, thick-budding plant with a truly out-of-this-world high.

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Durban Poison Feminized – Imported from South Africa and produced in Holland, this plant is exclusively inbred, never hybridized and 100 per cent sativa. It boasts large, long bud leaves, and the buds themselves are also large and long, with lots of resin.

To maximise your yield, sativa strains – like all plants – require the grower to be prepared. For growing indoors, it’s all about creating the perfect environment (enough light, the right soil, the necessary nutrients etc.) so growers are advised to do their research.

Here are some of our most popular indoor feminized strain seeds:

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Are you on the hunt for some high-quality strains of feminized sativa marijuana? Well, look no further. All of the cannabis strains on this page are of the sativa variety – the plant that provides the most energetic and uplifting weed highs. Sativa leafs are taller and thinner than indica plants; they’re also better suited for outdoor growing due to the large sizes the plants can reach.