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feminized hemp seed starts

Feminized hemp seeds are seeds that only grow female plants. Breeders produce feminized hemp seeds by carefully stressing female plants. When mature female hemp plants are stressed, they produce seeds to help preserve their genetic line. The seeds produced by a stressed female hemp plant contain the same genetic makeup as their mother, including only female chromosomes. Feminized hemp seeds tend to be larger and sturdier, though their most significant advantage is their lack of pollen.

Pollen is the cannabis male plant’s reproductive mechanism. When mature, male hemp plants release pollen in search of a female recipient. When pollinated, female hemp plants produce seeds causing them to focus their energy on creating the next generation of hemp plants instead of the valuable hemp flowers most CBD hemp farmers seek. Pollinated females produce considerably lower cannabinoid levels as they turn their effort toward seed production in place of potent CBD flowers.

Feminized Hemp Seeds Explained

At first glance, feminized hemp seeds may seem like a steep price to pay compared to “regular” hemp seeds, but we assure you, female hemp seeds return (ROI) is well worth it. First, growing female-only hemp seeds means there is no risk of male hemp plants pollinating females (unless a careless neighbor grows male hemp plants close to a female crop). A strictly female hemp crop means that every plant grown will produce potent CBD flowers and no seeds.

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD from hemp is now federally legal. This is a huge opportunity for farmers looking to increase their revenue without expanding their land. Of course, because CBD comes from cannabis (in this case, hemp) flowers only, the best way to increase revenue is by growing female-only (a.k.a. feminized) hemp seeds.

Furthermore, growing feminized hemp seeds reduces the processing time by omitting the need to de-seed the plants. The entire flower can be cured and sold as-is or sent to an extraction facility for further refinement. Aside from large plant stalks, the whole plant is eligible for top-of-the-market pricing with no biomass lost due to seed removal.

We sow our Abacus seed into a soil from Miller Soils called “CDM Pro” that is comprised of the following OMRI listed ingredients: Perlite, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Coconut Coir, Compost, Biochar, Soybean Meal, CalPhos, Dolomite, Endo-Mycorhizzae, and Yucca Extract.

These are roots from our Abacus that was grown from seed, you can see the prominent tap root.

For Outdoor Farming

Abacus can be planted to grow row crop or spaced out. Will have strong tap root that is not present with clones / cuttings. A strong tap root ensures even more strength and vigor as the plant matures and has also been said to help increase yield. a “survival advantage” in nature, and gives a huge advantage in growing outdoor crops especially in hot and dry conditions.

We have created seed starts from our proprietary hemp strain, and have sexed it to ensure there are only females. This is the best of both worlds, as you get a taproot (that would otherwise not be present in a clone / cutting) and since the starts have already been sexed, you don’t have to worry about rouging males.

.3% THC / 10-12% CBD Outdoors. Harvest early October.

Before you invest your hard-earned money in feminized seeds, check out the reputation of your seed company.

Hemp plants grow rapidly and, when planted in well-designed rows, can create a canopy that protects them from weeds and even some pests. If you have to cull a bunch of male plants from your rows, you’ll destroy the canopy, leaving your remaining plants more vulnerable to invasive weeds and damaging pests.

Many farmers believe feminized hemp seeds are well worth the extra upfront cost and are willing to make the investment. Here are some of the main reasons they choose feminized seeds in the USA:

No Seeds

However, buying regular hemp seeds comes with big risks, especially for farmers who are new to hemp cultivation.

When you know you’re planting feminized seeds, you can better estimate your crop yield and forecast profits. That will allow you to more effectively budget for expenses and negotiate with your buyers.

The most valuable benefit of investing in feminized seeds is that you will almost certainly see a higher profit for your investment. Consider that normalized hemp seeds are likely to contain a similar number of males and females. That means that you’ll need to eliminate roughly half of your crop with each planting, cutting your ROI in half. When you use feminized hemp seeds, you know that over 99% of seeds that germinate will grow into a CBD or CBG resin producer for you.

What does the term “feminized seeds” mean? Simply put, feminized seeds grow exclusively into female plants. Feminized seed companies, like High Grade Hemp Seed, use specialized methods to ensure that their seeds are “feminized” and only produce female hemp plants.