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There’s a few different techniques for making a feminized seeds, and they can be a little complicated. But rest assured all our breeders are able to ensure top-quality genetics are coming from these Female Seeds. Feminized Cannabis Seeds can make growing much easier, as you don’t really have to worry about the guys coming in and flirting with all the nice girls; this’ll mess up your yields and you totally do not want that. So the solution is to just make sure no guys are allowed to this slumber party.

Ice Headshop has journeyed and schmoozed their way across the world, talking to as many Cannabis Breeders as we can to get to know the people behind the genetics and ensure would could prove only the most righteous Seeds to our customers at the best prices out there. I’d say it’s been a success, and our Feminized Seeds selection is no different. If a brand on our site is offering one of these guaranteed girls then you can be sure the genetics behind it are top-notch.

All our girls aren’t only pretty, though who doesn’t like a pretty lady? Come on! But, these girls are the most potent and high-yielders out there, bar-none. We have a catalogue of hundreds and hundreds of different strains of all types from the best and most advanced scientific-minded breeders on the planet. Why’d we go ahead and do this? Because we love our customers and we want to make sure everyone is nice and happy with their Cannabis Seeds. So we lowered our price, and we offered the best possible discreet shipping we could. Come take a look through our catalogue of swim-suit model tier Feminized Cannabis Seeds. Your eyes’ll pop out of your head!

Because of this, Ferry switched his focus from regular to feminised seeds, and by 2003, he introduced Female Seeds to the market. It became a huge success immediately because of his decision to price his seeds below market average while still maintaining the quality of his products. In fact, Female Seeds became so popular in such a short space of time, the company had difficulties to meet the demand.

Speaking of this unexpected expansion, Ferry said, “I never thought an extra student income would lead to such a serious business. Ultimately my dream was to save money for a small self-sufficient eco farm.”

Ferry, the creator and head cultivator at Female Seeds started making regular seeds during his studies in the early 90’s, purely as a source of extra income. However, the high demand for new strains from Amsterdam combined with the excellence of the products that Ferry was producing, his business truly exploded and became a major player in the regular cannabis seed business by the end of the 1990’s.

Around this time, many new feminised seedbanks started to enter the market. However, a good reputation, reliable and unique products, value for money and friendly customer service helped Female Seeds to differentiate ourselves from the mass.

At the end of the 21 st century, the first feminised seeds were introduced to the market. They were very popular, but also very unreliable. Ferry’s experience in massive regular seed production combined with his engineering background motivated him to investigate how to produce 100% reliable female seeds.

Ferry spoke about the current success of his company saying, “Female Seeds has now entered a state of transition, from a company to a movement to invest in sustainable independent growing systems, like aquaponics and LED systems. Furthermore all profits will be invested into cooperative systems, ecological projects and agriculture. Helping people to have a happy sustainable lifestyle is our overriding goal.”

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Photoperiod cannabis plants react to light as they would in nature, vegetating during the spring and summer months, before blooming as the daylight hours fade towards autumn. As an indoor grower, your job is to replicate those conditions.

What Are the Advantages of Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

To quickly and easily tell if cannabis seeds are feminized, check the datasheet on the relevant product page. The datasheet contains key attributes and will help you pick the perfect cannabis seeds.

Plants will need different ratios of these nutrients during the vegetative and flowering phases, alongside adjustments in micronutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, and several others.

You can easily grow feminized cannabis seeds indoors (in a tent or grow room) or outdoors (in a greenhouse or garden).