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exotic marijuana seeds

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Sir Jack Auto Pure CBD features THC levels of less than 1%. As she doesn’t get users high, she is a great strain for those who love Haze flavours but don’t really care about the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Malasana Cookies by Exotic Seed is a very special hybrid. Combining Thin Mint GSC and Herz OG, this high-yielding and extremely resinous strain features a lot of THC, thus making you extremely baked. Her signature trait is definitely her outstanding aroma. She can’t really decide if she’s more on the lemon cookies or fresh lime side, but one thing is for sure — your palate will scream for.

Sir Jack Auto Pure CBD (Exotic Seed) feminized

Mango Cream is an indica-dominant hybrid strain by Exotic Seed. It’s bursting with flavour, sporting a citrusy aroma with fruity undertones, with some phenotypes even exuding a slight skunky smell. It is a robust plant with obvious Indica-style growing traits. The buds grow in a Christmas-tree-like structure, and are dense and resinous, inducing a very relaxing high when smoked.

Zamnesia and Exotic Seed joined forces to create Black ZZ, an early finishing hybrid with an indica lean. This unique take on a popular US strain smells fresh with strong ribbons of tropical fruit and Kush running through the silken smoke.

Herz OG by Exotic Seed is the first-ever strain collaboration between a seedbank and a German rapper. Herzog and Exotic Seed worked together closely to create this ultra-strong cross of Larry OG and Kosher Kush. This already award-winning combination excites smokers with a hard-hitting effect accompanied by tasty aromas.

Earn from 5 to 15 delicious coins.
5 coins = 0,50 € and 15 coins = 1,50 €.

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Earn from 5 to 16 delicious coins.
5 coins = 0,50 € and 16 coins = 1,60 €.

Purple Shot

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Earn from 6 to 20 delicious coins.
6 coins = 0,60 € and 20 coins = 2,00 €.

Earn from 5 to 15 delicious coins.
5 coins = 0,50 € and 15 coins = 1,50 €.

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