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Eden’s Herbals is a brand well-known for its affordable CBD products. The brand’s mission is to provide customers with high-quality CBD products at a low price. Read our in-depth Edens Herbals review, including verified coupon & promo codes, 3rd party lab results, expert ratings, and user reviews. Each review is medically reviewed by one of our medical team members.

Eden’s Herbals CBD Review August 2022

Eden’s Herbals is a brand well-known for its affordable CBD products. The brand’s mission is to provide customers with high-quality CBD products at a low price.

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Company Analysis

Eden’s Herbals is a brand founded in 2018 and is based in Farmington, New Hampshire.

Eden’s Herbals buys large bulk quantities and keeps its overhead expenses low to provide high-quality products at a low price.

  • Light coconut or cinnamon
  • pineapple, cherry, grapefruit, strawberry, melon, orange, blue raspberry, lime, grape, apple, mango, and lemon.
  • Eve’s Sour Apple (1200mg)

Recommended for Optimizing Wellness

Eden’s Herbals products are formulated for people experiencing anxiety and depression.

Source of Hemp

The brand’s products are infused with hemp grown and processed in the United States.

Popular Products

Eden’s Herbals’ most popular products are the CBD Oil Tincture, CBD Gummies, CBD Body Lotion, and CBD Salve.

Types Sold

Eden’s Herbals sells both CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD.

Range of Products/Forms

The brand offers CBD in forms of gummies, tinctures, CBD isolates, pet products, and skincare products.

Extraction Method

Eden’s Herbals uses the CO 2 extraction method.

Lab Testing Transparency/Availability

Lab reports are available on the brand’s website.

CBD Concentration per Serving Range

Eden’s Herbals’ 30ml CBD Oil Tincture has a CBD concentration range of 1000mg/unit to 4000mg/unit.


The brand’s 30ml CBD Oil Tincture has a CBD potency range of 33.3mg/g to 133.3mg/g.

THC Range of Products %

Eden Herbals’ broad-spectrum CBD products have no detectable traces of THC.


The brand’s CBD oil tincture can be enjoyed in two flavors: light coconut or cinnamon.

Meanwhile, the 500mg and 1000mg CBD gummies feature flavors like pineapple, cherry, grapefruit, strawberry, melon, orange, blue raspberry, lime, grape, apple, mango, and lemon.

Eden’s Herbals also offers a 1200mg CBD Gummies in Eve’s Sour Apple flavor.

Tincture Carrier Oil

The brand uses keto-friendly coconut MCT oil as its carrier oil.

Price Range

The price of the products ranges from a wholesale price of $15 for 20 500mg CBD Gummies to $89 for the 30ml CBD Oil Tincture with a 4000mg of CBD concentration.

Shipping and Delivery

Eden’s Herbals offers free shipping. It also ships orders in discreet packages.

First-class mail has three to five days of delivery time, while priority shipping has two to three days of delivery time.

Refund Policy

The brand has a seven-day time limit for customers requesting refunds. The buyer should email Eden’s Herbals immediately after receiving the product they intend to return.


The brand’s products are free from contaminants, like harmful chemicals, pesticides, or residual solvents.

Customer Service

The brand can be reached by calling 855-657-6766 or by sending an email to [email protected] . Coupon code is also available on the brand’s website.


Pros Cons
Provides a wide range of flavors to choose from There is only one lab result available on the brand’s website
Affordable product prices
Offers new affordable deals daily

Pros of Eden’s Herbals

  • The brand offers a wide range of flavors in its products.
  • Eden’s Herbals has affordable product prices, with the most expensive product sold at $89.
  • The brand also has Daily Deals that offer products at a discounted price.

Cons of Eden’s Herbals

  • The brand provides only one third-party lab report on their website.

Review of Eden’s Herbals CBD Oil Tincture

The brand’s CBD Oil Tincture comes in four CBD concentrations: 1000mg, 2000mg, 3000mg, and 4000mg. The CBD mixed with the product is derived from non-GMO industrial hemp.

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For the CBD oil, the brand recommends a 1ml dosage. However, first-time users are encouraged to start with a few drops under the tongue to know how their body reacts before taking the full dosage.

The product is recommended for users who are experiencing anxiety and depression.

Research about CBD discovered that CBD could reduce anxiety. According to the study, CBD showed anxiolytic properties, which are present in drugs used to reduce the feeling of anxiousness [1] .

Review of Eden’s Herbals CBD Isolate

Eden’s Herbals’ 1000mg CBD Isolate is made up of pure CBD. It can be added to cookies, tea, coffee, or CBD oil to increase strength.

The CBD isolate is recommended for people experiencing stress, inflammation, anxiety, depression, nausea, and insomnia.

A 2018 research concluded that CBD has anxiolytic, antipsychotic, and neuroprotective properties. According to the research, CBD’s medicinal use showed promising results when used to help patients with anxiety and depression [2] .


Eden’s Herbals provides customers with affordable and high-quality CBD offerings. The brand’s Daily Deals provide customers with discounts on its products.

Eden’s Herbals also provides coupon codes that customers can use when they shop on the brand’s website. The customers only have to type in their coupon codes upon checkout to receive a discount.

However, customers should still read more about the brand because third-party lab results of the brand’s products are not available on its website. The brand currently has one lab report made public.

Edens Herbals Review 2022

Eloise Theisen is a board certified Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner who specializes in cannabis therapy. For over 20 years, Eloise has worked primarily with cancer, dementia and chronic pain patients. In the last 6 years, Eloise has focused her efforts on cannabinoid therapies. Eloise has worked with over 6500 patients to help them effectively treat age-related and chronic illness with cannabis.

Dr. Stephanie Nichols is a practicing, licensed Naturopathic Physician in Arizona. In her practice, she helps her patients resolve their health concerns through an integrative, functional medicine approach. Her focus is on digestive issues, mental health, autoimmunity, and hormonal concerns. Dr. Stephanie utilizes a combination of herbal therapies, such as CBD, lifestyle, and dietary changes to help people transform their health. She knows first hand the efficacy of herbal treatments. She graduated with honors, from the highly esteemed Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.

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  • Statements regarding CBD products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Please advise your physician prior to each use of CBD.

The Bottom Line

Transparency & Accuracy

Eden’s Herbals’ mission is to bring CBD to people with transparency and at low prices. They third-party test their raw CBD extract, but do not appear to test the final products for potency. When assessing the lab reports, it shows the THC is within acceptable limits and they are free from contaminants. The CBD potency for the isolate is over 99%. Currently, they are not BBB accredited but have a B+ rating.

Hemp Quality

Eden’s Herbals uses organically grown hemp from local USA farms in Colorado and Washington. Their CBD is extracted via CO2 to make both full-spectrum and isolate. All products are made in the USA.

Customer Experience

We reached out to customer service via their instant message box to ask where their farms were located and their extraction method and received a prompt response. All orders ship for free and they will return unopened products in 7 days.

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Variety of Products

Eden’s Herbals has a decent product line including gummies, isolate and full spectrum tinctures, topicals, isolate powder, and dog biscuits. They do not have capsules or vape products at this time.

Price & Discounts

Eden’s Herbals has very competitive pricing. Their products are priced at around $0.02-$0.05 per mg of CBD, which is some of the lowest prices in the industry. Competitors are generally priced around $0.08 to $0.12 for averagely priced CBD companies. To learn more about how we compare prices for CBD, look at our pricing report.

What sets Eden’s Herbals apart from its competitors

Eden’s Herbals stands out for its competitive prices. Compared to other CBD brands, they have prices that are less than average. Plus they offer free shipping on all orders.

Eden’s Herbals CBD Unboxing Video

In this video, we will unbox products from Eden’s Herbals. We have five products to unbox, including gummies, a full-spectrum CBD tincture, CBD isolate, dog biscuits, and lotion. We will discuss the CBD type, extraction, shipping and the smell and taste of products.

Edens Herbals Specs

Hemp Source : United States Extract Method : CO2 ✈️ Shipping : United States ⮐ Money Back Guarantee : Military Veteran Discount : Established : 2018


Data Collection and Rating

In our review process , we receive CBD products directly from the brand to personally review ourselves, so we can give you an accurate idea of the packaging, potency, taste, smell, feel, and overall experience of each product. We also discuss the company’s shipping and returns policy.
Another important step we take is reviewing each individual product for details such as the certificate of analysis to assess the CBD level and CBD variance, THC level, and contaminants.
We take all factors into account and give each CBD brand and each CBD product a score for each parameter.
All of the information we collect is generated into a concise, easy to read review and put into our extensive database. Keep in mind, our reviews are never intended to substitute or act as medical advice.

Product DataBase

Our database collects key information for each product, including CBD product prices, potencies, third-party lab test results, flavors, additional ingredients, hemp quality, extract types, product variety, and more.
We then use all of this combined data to give each brand and product a standardized rating out of five points.

Brand Review Process

There are many factors we consider when we review the quality, integrity and products of a CBD brand. We rate each brand on several factors including:

  • Transparency & accuracy . It is important that a CBD brand is forthcoming with who makes up their team, their mission, manufacturing process, and lab reports. Also, we look for the accuracy of the CBD and THC levels in the products’ lab reports.
  • Hemp quality. Hemp quality can be a deciding factor between a good CBD brand and a great CBD brand. We look for organic and sustainable farming methods with attention to detail in each manufacturing step.
  • The variety of products they offer . We like to see several CBD product types and flavors.
  • Customer service . It is essential that each CBD company has multiple ways to connect to customer service to ask questions. We look for speedy and complete responses.
  • Price and discounts. Competitive pricing is an important aspect of being a top-rated CBD brand. We also look for discount options and ways to save on your order.

Market Reports

Another way Leafreport stands out from other CBD review websites is our evidence-based market reports . For each one, we purchase different types of CBD products and send them for independent lab testing to check whether their levels of CBD and other cannabinoids match the label.

Information Updates

Writers and editors conduct our reviews and our database on an annual basis but continually make updates throughout the year. We maintain frequent contact with brands and highlight any changes in offerings.

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The Review Team

Our review team is made up of a wide chain of qualified CBD review writers, some with medical degrees, some with statistics backgrounds, others with ample experience in the CBD arena. Each and every one of our CBD reviews are approved by our medical reviewer before being published on our website to ensure all information is accurate.

Conflicts of Interest

While Leafreport does have partnerships with many of the reviewed brands, we manage potential conflicts of interest by maintaining a wall between our content and business operations. This wall is designed to prevent our writers and the review process from being influenced or impacted by our business partnerships. This way, all reviews can provide an unbiased review that serves the interests of our users.

About the Company

Eden’s Herbals is all about CBD’s positive effects from a scientific level. They strive to provide their customers with transparency and honesty about CBD and CBD products, as well as competitive prices. The company is co-owned by a father and son duo, Robert Panek and Robert Panek Jr. Their headquarters are located in Sanford, ME.

There is a comprehensive blog page that answers common questions about CBD, the growing process, and more. They also have a limited FAQ page and a page about cooking with CBD. To contact their care team, there is a chat box, phone number, email, and physical address.

As a part of our reputation check, we check BBB, FDA warnings, and more to see if there are any complaints or warnings about the brand. Currently, there are no FDA complaints about Eden’s Herbals. They are not currently BBB accredited but have a BBB rating of B+. There are a total of 3 complaints surrounding what appears to be miscommunications about pricing and shipping.

Eden’s Herbals third-party tests their raw CBD ingredient for potency and purity and posts all lab reports on their website. They do not test each batch of their product. The reports they have online show their CBD isolate is 99.34% CBD with 0.098% THC and free from solvents. The full-spectrum CBD contains 65.51% CBD and 0.234% THC and is free from mycotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and contaminants.

Manufacturing Process

Eden’s Herbals uses hemp from organically grown farms and partners with local, sustainable, family-owned farms in Washington and Colorado. There are no chemicals or pesticides used in the growing, or manufacturing process and all products are non-GMO. They use a CO2 extraction method that yields THC-free, broad-spectrum CBD, as well as full-spectrum THC which both contain synergistic cannabinoids such as CBC and CBN, as well as terpenes. The full-spectrum THC contains less than 0.3% THC. There is little information about the manufacturing process and where their facility is located, however, it is in the USA.

Eden’s third-party tests their CBD starting material. They do not appear to test each batch of products for potency and do not have batch numbers or QR codes on their products. It is unclear how to determine if the product you received contains the amount of CBD listed.

Edens Herbals Gummies Overview

The gummies from Eden’s Herbals come in 12 flavors (Pineapple, Cherry, Grapefruit, Strawberry, Melon, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Lime, Grape, Apple, Mango, Lemon). Each bag has 50 gummies and there are two potency options: 10mg/gummy or 20mg/gummy of CO2 extracted CBD. They also offer their sour apple gummies which contain 20 gummies and a total of 1200mg of CO2 extracted CBD. They do not indicate the type of CBD used. These gummies contain gelatin and are not suitable for vegans.

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