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ebay marijuana seeds

“They came from somewhere in England, and I have complained to eBay but they didn’t want to do much about it other than offer me a refund.

“I didn’t open the second package, which was another birthday gift for Denny, because I was so concerned by what I had found in the first one.


“My daughter is only six and it's dangerous for her to be exposed to these things. It is just completely unacceptable.

Melanie Wall had bought the new Wilko Blox salon set online as a gift for her daughter's sixth birthday earlier this month.

Speaking to The Sun she said: “eBay have offered me a refund, as has the initial seller but no one has been able to give me a better explanation of what happened.

I’d make a fair amount of money and there would be near zero risk.

Well, if I wanted to make some money and didn’t give a fuke I would grow out whatever males and females I could come up with, collect a couple of thousand seeds, and then sell them on ebay as bodhi, tga, hso, or whatever other strains seem to be hot. I’d probably auction them on IG also.

Does anyone know if hemp and marijuana seeds are any difference in appearance? would suck to buy and grow out hemp plants lol

greg nr

You can also visit them on their website You get a little better deal there and it probably is better for the seller also.

I started looking a noticed some of the sellers have bought hemp seeds in the past and made me wonder if there just listing them as regular marijuana when in fact there just hemp??

Got a link to there items for sale? Apppreciate it Id check them out aswell

They would germ and grow out as decent pheno’s, but certainly not what I hinted they might be.

Ebay is having a problem wrapping its mind around this concept.

As I understand it, the law in the UK is this: It is legal to sell,
distribute, and possess marijuana SEEDS. It is illegal to grow them unless
you have a licence from the Home Office. You cannot get a licence from the
home office unless you are, for example, a company that grows them to use
the fibres for making paper.

I understand that people in Canada and the UK are able to sell
marijuana seeds to anyone- including the usa.

Whats going on here

Does Ebay allow people in the US to sell marijuana seeds? I have seen
several people on Ebay located in the US selling marijuana seeds.

Isnt it against the law to do this?

Just to clarify, I don’t know about Canada, but here it is perfectly
legal to posses, buy and sell Hemp seeds of any kind.
It is however illegal to cultivate them.
Its also completely legal for us to export them anywhere in the world,
HOWEVER it may be illegal for people in other countries IE USA to
import them.
So we can send them, but the person receiving them may well be