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For customers in the US who may have trouble purchasing from local seed banks, with the different legal restrictions per stats, high-quality marijuana seeds are still accessible from Canadian seed banks thanks to discreet global shipping.

Their website is not as comprehensive as the previous ones we have reviewed, but it can be navigated easily. It’s very straightforward that the products ready to be added to the cart will welcome you as soon as the website loads. However, payment options are not stated in their FAQs but based on the MasterCard and Visa logos on the website, and there’s a high chance that they accept credit and debit cards.

Evaluating The Best Canadian Seed Banks

Being experts in the business, they know how stealth shipping works. Operating since 2005, their almost two decades of experience have surely turned them into marijuana seeds packaging experts. While customers in Canada will receive their original packaging, they also ship to the USA and discreet forms like pens, flashlights, birthday cards, and any other nondescript random object.

#8 BC Bud Depot (British Columbia, Canada)

The ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) Seed Bank in California is deemed one of the best cannabis seed banks. From an initial scan of their website, two things immediately caught our attention: the abundance of grow guides and the Grow Support forum. For beginners, these are beneficial features and services which even pros and veteran growers will appreciate. The guides are easy to navigate as well based on the problem at hand. Another kind of guide that makes this unique are the non-seed products that are still essential to growing marijuana from the soil, equipment, etc. The guide features product reviews from customers themselves that they use when growing ILGM seeds.

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Contact us and order your seeds today! We ONLY sell our products to qualified Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers. We deliver in the Detroit Metro Area. Call us to see if we deliver in your area!

Are you a medical marijuana card holder who’s interested in growing their own marijuana plants? Look no further than Pacific Seed Bank! As the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Detroit, we have the seeds you need! Whether you’re looking for CBD seeds for pain management, indica seeds for stress and relaxation, or sativa seeds for depression and anxiety, we’re sure you’ll find a perfect match in our extensive online inventory. We make buying weed seeds online a breeze; just shop online, purchase your seeds through our secure server, and we’ll ship them right to your door! We offer fast and discreet delivery, with tracking on every order. Why wait? Start shopping now!

Much like a trip to the tropics, Molokai Frost is a powerfully relaxing cannabis strain that will allow your body to take a vacation while leaving your mind clear.

Blue Buddha Feminized Marijuana Seeds

A mystery no longer, Illuminati OG is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain that will leave your mind and your body relaxed.

If you are a Michigan resident suffering from an autoimmune disorder, fibromyalgia, or other pain related ailment, check with your doctor to see if medical marijuana may be able to help you feel better the natural way.

Strike big with Colombian Gold marijuana, a deliciously pungent and potent sativa-dominant marijuana strain that energizes the mind for a productive day.