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Today, TGA Subcool Genetics Seeds now offer over 30 strains of medical marijuana, each designed to combat specific conditions. From pain control and nausea, through to anxiety and social disorders, everything has been covered. All TGA Subcool cannabis seeds for sale are offered in a regular format and have been organically produced to ensure a bountiful resin production and outstanding flavour. And this cannabis seedbank are always in the forefront when it comes to new strains, take a look at Pina Rita with an amazing fruity pineapple, cherry candy flavour and let the fun begin with an incredible uplifting high or Grape Lime Ricky a magnificent cross of Purple Urkle and Jack the Ripper producing dense nugs with an array of dark green, purple and magenta colours. If you´re looking for something just that little bit different then you´ll find it here.


About TGA Subcool Genetics Seeds

With feminized seeds you cut the guesswork to get the most from your grow. No pollination from male plants and guaranteed flowers!

Why? Because with nearly 2-decades of experience I have dealt with every possible growing situation. I’ve included every insight i’ve ever had (and more from experts on the forums) on this site so you can both benefit from my experience and secure quality seeds guaranteed to arrive and germinate!

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Vortex-is juicily sativa dominant with uplifting and pain relieving therapeutic effects. It deservedly won High Times best medical sativa in 2010 and has been world class for ten years having been in High Times top ten strains in 2007. This Apollo-13 x Space Queen, 80%sativa/20%indica hybrid might not have huge yields and may not be super stable but its effects make it a must for any connoisseurs collection. The lineage of this strain is unquestioned with illustrious grandparents like Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights.

9 Pound Hammer (TGA Subcool by JinxProof) regular

Years of breeding experience are evident in the prolific range of cannabis species available by The Dank Seeds. Consistent quality and strengths across distinctively varied cannabis species shows a replete understanding of the art of growing top shelf contemporary marijuana.

In 2001, a small group of dedicated medical breeders and cultivators who did not want to follow the trodden paths of the rest of the industry established TGA Subcool to leave their very own trail in the world of medical marijuana breeding. Instead of feminizing their seeds or creating autoflowering varieties by crossing regular strains with Ruderalis, they only offer organically produced medical cannabis seeds. By relying on information and specific data from thousands of medical cannabis growers they turned into reality what they called “open source breeding” and looking at the high potency of their varieties it is plain to see that they really know what they are doing. Now, over a dozen years after the foundation of The Dank Seeds (formerly known as TGA Subcool) they have a wide array of varieties. Subcool and MzJill, The Weed Nerd and The Green Avengers even composed their own “Super Soil” and fertilizer.

The Dank Seeds are presented in a graphic covered foldout cardboard matchbook style package with seed ID on the back. A stoppered glass vial cleverly concealed in the fold holds your seeds. If you don’t use all your seeds the vial is super efficient for longterm storage, but be sure to remember where you store it because it is very tiny. Don’t lose the stopper!

Dank Genetics promises “No hype, all dank. ” and this is no idle boast. Dank Genetics is a US seed bank which has been active creating revered US genetics since its inception in 2010.

Offering feminised seeds gives growers the opportunity to obviate the risk of male plants thus nullifying the potential problems associated with having both male and female plants together.

Its superb selection of US strains has been created using the highest quality genetics from around the globe. This seed bank’s range is focused on taste, scent, potency, high resin production and high yields for the complete package of desired cannabis attributes.

Dank Genetics offers connoisseur strains such as Atomic Sour, Dankalato and Sherbert Pebbles to name but three of its superb strains.