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Built on thirty years of experience in the UK seed trade, Farm Seeds offers a huge range of seed products direct to UK farms on one easy-to-use platform.

Buying from Farm Seeds is simple – choose your items and create your credit account immediately online. Your goods will be delivered promptly and we’ll send an invoice for settlement in 28 days. No card payment required. Further orders can be placed in just a couple of clicks by logging into your account.

Quick Overview • Biennial• Bees love clover! Details Planted spring, summer or fall, this quick growing clover is the most versatile variety for a green manure to enrich soil. Needs good moisture. Flowers are used for tea. Excellent forage and cover crop. Planting rate: ½ lb. per 1,000 sq. ft.

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Cover Crop – Clover (White Dutch)

Quick Overview • Perennial• Chokes out weeds Details Perennial. A low-growing perennial clover that forms a nice mat perfect for pathways between beds. It competes well against quckgrass and, although the plants grow over into the beds, they can easily be pulled back with a rake before mowing. As a green manure/cover crop, it fixes nitrogen and since it’s perennial, can be plowed in at any time. Pre-inoculated seed. Plant in early spring: April-May. Planting rate: ½ lb per 1,000 sq. ft.; 8-10 lbs per acre for dry land, 10-12 lbs per acre for irrigated land.

Quick Overview • Biennial• Vigorous • Sow Spring & Summer Details Tremendous green manure and bee pasture. Vigorous grower with long tap roots to help break up compact soil. Can produce up to 125 lb. of nitrogen per acre. Sow in the spring or summer. Planting rate: 1/2 lb per 1,000 sq ft

Quick Overview • Annual• Nitrogen-rich• Hardy • Vicia villosa Cool season legume cover crop Details Valuable soil-improvement crop. Vigorous legume produces huge amounts of nitrogen-rich biomass for turning under. Can be planted in the spring through late summer. Late summer (late August early September) planted vetch will winter over, growing vigorously the following spring. Can be mixed with oats or rye for maximum weed competition. Hardy; will also sprout in the spring if planted before the ground freezes in November (like winter rye). Demands fairly fertile soil and adequate rainfall as is shallow-rooted. Livestock caution: Seeds are poisonous. Planting rate: 1 lb per 1,000 sq ft

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Triazine Tolerant Canola is a range of herbicide tolerant canola hybrids with high yields, high oil, high blackleg resistance and the ability to achieve excellent weed control and the stacking traits ability with other technologies such as Clearfield and Roundup Ready. It provides growers with a proven reliable IWM tool.

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Including Pearl Millet, Oats, Alfalfa, Biofumigants and Mustard.

Seeds represent the most critical farmer investment as better seeds mean better yields. UPL provides sophisticated, high quality seeds worldwide through innovation for local needs.

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