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crop king reviews

However, if you want a tracked and signed delivery, then you would have to pay between $30 to $60, depending upon the country. The regular time for express deliveries is from 5 to 7 days . If you choose the express shipping option, then you get a delivery guarantee. It means if your parcel is intercepted or seized (only 5% of the orders of Crop King are captured), then they will send you new order for free.

Foremost, as they are based in Canada and have stores in Canada, they will accept Canadian dollars as cash. They also accept Visa and Mastercard along with Bitcoin as well. If you want to pay with E-transfer, you can do so only if you live in Canada. You even have the option of money transfer and money orders as well. Overall, you can pay by debit/credit card, bitcoin, or money orders for the fastest processing. 5 Seeds Pack, 10 Seeds Pack, and 25 Seeds Pack are available to buy at a reasonable price.

Whenever you go out to find marijuana seed banks, you must research well beforehand. To accommodate this thought, we have bought you the Crop King Seeds Review today. Crop King Seeds is one of the most trusted seed banks online right now. Over the years, they have helped people get first-rate cannabis seeds delivered to their homes. The Crop King Seeds website is very easy to navigate, and they take great care of their buyers as well.

Do All of the Cannabis Seeds Germinate?

Any seed bank requires a good customer service team to grow and thrive. Crop King Seeds has made its name by taking care of its customers in every way possible. Generally, you are less likely to have a problem with the customer service, but if you do, you can contact them, and they will take this very seriously and do everything to solve your problem at the earliest.

If buying from Canada, it will take $10 to send you the parcel via regular shipping. It will take about 2 to 7 business days for the parcel to reach your destination inside Canada. USA bound parcels are also $10, but they can take up to 2 weeks to reach you. The parcel takes 2 weeks to reach somewhere else in the world with a fee of $30.

The packaging that they use to transit the marijuana seeds to your house is discreet. They will send you the seed in a unique parcel that is sealed to keep the marijuana seeds safe and fresh. The parcel is very discreet, and there are no marijuana-related signs on the outside at all. Even if the package comes into someone else’s hands, they will not suspect that there are marijuana seeds inside the package. The seed package will be packed inside a random object .

Furthermore, Crop King has been selling marijuana seeds in more than 100 physical stores in Canada. Their experts of Crop Kings choose each strain that is sold on the website. You can rest assured that all the seeds are tested separately for quality and inspected before shipping. This approach earned the online seed bank many praises. The stores are why people trust them, and you can go to their store and see the quality of the seeds yourself. These Canadian stores are also some of the most trusted physical stores for visiting and buying cannabis as well.

Overall, Crop King Seeds is a decent Seed Bank if you’re based in Canada and want fast shipping times.

Yes. Crop King Seeds deliver to the USA, with the average order taking up to two weeks if you select regular shipping, or 5-7 days if you choose to ship express.

Additionally, unlike most seed banks, Crop King Seeds offers a germination rate guarantee of 80% in case of failure.

What is Crop King shipping time to the USA?

Whether tucked inside a flashlight or rolled up in a pen, your order is hidden away inside everyday objects to keep prying eyes away.

Overall I think CKS is going for quality over quantity, but I feel as though they could expand somewhat.

In terms of reviews of the company itself, people either seem to love CKS or hate them.

If you’d rather buy from a seed bank that has fast shipping, good customer service, and excellent customer reviews, then I would recommend using ILGM or Weed Seeds Express.

Crop King Seeds

Another thing worth mentioning is that they have different types of seed selection as well. They have auto-flowering seeds for beginners that you can easily grow thanks to their high germination rate.

About The Brand

And speaking of reputation, their seeds also have a guarantee of an 80% chance of germination which is pretty good for a cannabis seed or plant. Overall, Crop King Seeds is a good brand and deserves the high praise and solid reputation it has.

On the other hand Crop Kings also have a seed selection that gives a large yield. These feminized seeds provide a large yield for people who know proper growing methods and techniques.

Of course, strains like candy cane come in seed packs of varying sizes of seeds. Some contain 5 seeds and some have 10 seeds per pack. The pack variety is also very good to have and it’s a good guarantee of the quality of the brand as the larger seed packs often contain better prices which promotes bulk buying that saves you money and time.