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crop king 88 near me

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Package Dimensions: 25 Kg Bag

Crop King 88 Fertilizer is a great all round lawn fertilizer. Application will result in a returned green growth of your lawn. This premium organic lawn fertilizer will cover large areas and show dramatic results determining a great all round fertilizer.


Prompt Delivery from Miniload to Bulk truck.

Collection Method: Pick Up and Delivery

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Sunday & Public Holidays – 8.00am – 4.00pm

Whether it’s a handful or a truck load,
Bedrock caters for all sizes

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DIRECTIONS FOR USE: A NPKS fertiliser blend, containing potassium as muriate of potash, i.e. as chloride. Mainly used in tree crops. Also used as a planting fertiliser in some vegetable and forage crops on alluvial soils with a high phosphorus status. For couch and other summer-growing lawns and playing fields, apply at 300 kg/ha (3 kg/100 sq m) three times per year (March, Sept., Dec.). Water in after application. This product is not suitable as a stockfeed supplement or for application in solution

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For best practice and responsible use of fertilisers browse these threads. I would not suggest the use of the above fert.although each granual has all the nutrients. No wetting agent and no control release. The turf will not use the nutrients at the rate they are applied contributing to nutrient run off into streams and rivers. This has effects on algal growth and wetland or river health.

No i didnt dig it through

One application isn’t how it works, regular use and a heap of certified organic soils raked in once a year. Lots of molasses and less fertiliser or none is better. blood and bone.

I have noticed that the clay underneath is still very hard. Am i able to put gypsum over the top of the grass and water in to break up the clay or will that hurt the grass??

However the humic and fulvic acids found in powerfeed will do a superb job of starting the process of breaking the clay structure up a little.