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colorado marijuana seed dispensaries

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place for a guide to Colorado seed banks in 2021. Here, you’ll learn about buying seeds overseas versus buying them from an (online) Colorado seed dispensary.

Also, you’ll need to select a supplier that accepts your desired payment method. Many seed banks have trouble finding a reliable payment system. Credit card companies tend to avoid the cannabis industry.

Colorado Seed Bank Guide 2021

Choosing between seed banks is difficult. This is because the range of seed banks is vast. Especially if you consider the option of buying online. That said, there are a number of points to consider when buying from a seed bank or dispensary in Colorado:

Many cannabis enthusiasts prefer to grow their own marijuana, but it takes patience, work and considerable know-how to grow good weed.

Meanwhile, Chiquita Banana is another weed dispensary favorite in Colorado. It’s cherished by many smokers for it’s high, 29% THC content.


Sustainability, Efficiency, Authenticity

Innovators of Cannabis Cultivation & Breeding Techniques

We started Colorado Seed Inc. with the intention of evolving Cannabis genetics. To provide a deeper understanding of the terpene profiles and genetic markers that are relevant; and to continuously improve breeding lines and cultivation practices for specific uses in the future. All of our products are artfully crafted and curated in Boulder, Colorado. Our licensed seeds have been developed through an intensive breeding program and proprietary screening process, designed for the high expectations and high volume requirements of both the medical and recreational Cannabis markets.

We believe in sustainability, efficiency, and authenticity; and have continued to manifest those in our day-to-day cultivation practices. With our Integrated Pest Management program and other strategic facility procedures, our team ensures the safety, success, and consistency of all of our products.

If you’re over 21 and want to start your cultivating adventure for personal use, you may do so on your property. The law allows you to grow up to 12 plants from marijuana seeds, and up to three of these crops can be flowering at any one time. You must hide your weed from the public at all times and keep it well hidden in an enclosed area.

It’s illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana, and you can transfer up to one ounce of cannabis in your car if it’s sealed and locked in your trunk. Don’t attempt to export weed from Colorado into another state as that’s a federal offense, and patrols highly guard the state borders. You can still buy marijuana seeds from Colorado if you live in another state.

Should you grow weed outdoors or indoors in Colorado?

Remember, when you buy Colorado seeds, the state law permits you to have three weed plants flowering from 12 crops at any one time.

You may be wondering where you can find marijuana seeds for sale in Colorado. It’s legal to walk into a Colorado cannabis seed bank to buy cannabis seeds for medicinal or recreational use. You can also purchase edibles and other marijuana concentrates.

Indica strains are perfect cannabis seeds to stand firm against Colorado’s weather, but you can also choose Sativa strains and hybrids for growing in greenhouses and indoors. Here are just a few of the feminized seeds in Colorado we think will grow best: