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cheap autoflower seeds

There are plenty of reasons to purchase cheap auto seed strains.

AK-47 is a classic, award-winning strain that should always be on the menu. Widely loved as a “one-hit wonder”, it’s among the fastest, easiest and cheapest autoflower seeds to grow despite its potency.

Top 10 Best Cheap Autoflower Seeds

Bruce Banner is a big-hitting, THC-loaded strain that’s a favorite with Canadian growers. Part of a new lineage of potent auto seeds, it’s a remarkable achievement that produces a strong creative high.

Gorilla Glue is an easy-grow strain with a very quick flowering and harvest time. Perfect for beginners, growing both indoors and outdoors, it does thrive better in warm Mediterranean climates. Still, the fungal resistance rating is high, making it highly forgiving and versatile. It can also be kept quite compact, making it ideal for indoor methods like SOG. In optimal conditions, Gorilla Glue can reach heights of up to 100 cm indoors and 150 cm outdoors.

Green Crack has an aromatic profile with floral and spicy notes with lashings of fruit. You’ll get big tropical fruit flavors to taste, not dissimilar from an energy drink. The effects are equally energizing, producing a lasting mental buzz and uplifting high.

If you’re growing on a budget it’s important to choose the best genetics without spending a lot, here’s a list of our top 10 cheapest seeds that will reward you with top-shelf buds for only 9 euros each!

This strain provides an extremely sweet and smooth taste that will remind you of a sour apple candy, providing a powerful cerebral high while relaxing your muscles and getting your creative juices flowing with a euphoric and uplifting high, a great strain for social events or creative activities like drawing or writing.

1. Californian Snow Auto

Californian Snow Auto is a high-yielding auto with 23% THC that resulted from a cross between our own autoflowering genetics and an extremely potent Californian Sativa.

Grow Tips

The aroma at the end was a tangy sour apple smell. Love how these turned out they literally didn’t give me any trouble. Very excited for this to finish up for some sampleage. Both plants were very similar except one had longer skinny buds and the other shorter and fat, but of both of them are heavy yielders with an abundance of rock-solid nugs.” – Hawkbo

We recommend ILGM and Crop King Seeds, simply because they cover the gamut of both cheap seeds and harder-to-find strains if you have more specific needs.

For example, bad genes can lead your plant to produce poor yields.

Once you gain experience and confidence in growing, especially growing weed outdoors and using more complicated cannabis strains, you may want to look at higher price weed seeds.

Is buying weed seeds legal?

Naturally, bad gene cannabis seeds also produce a more pungent and less pleasant taste. It’s no coincidence that “cheap marijuana seeds” are sometimes bad gene seeds.

A good seed bank is hard to find!

Weigh up your growing restrictions, flowering time, and the effects you want from the finished product when deciding which strains to grow.

No worries though—most banks list the cannabinoid percentage on the description, usually determined by the highly effective system of high-performance liquid chromatography, or even thin-layer chromatography.