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Our Charlotte's Web review looked at lab results, customer reviews, and CBD extract. Find out why we gave Charlotte's Web an A grade in our full review. Are you looking for a CBD oil for your dog? This in-depth review will focus on Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Pets to see how it compares to the competition.

Charlotte’s Web CBD for Dogs Review 2022

We say Charlotte’s Web is a respected CBD brand that grew from a mission to develop hemp supplements for humans with epilepsy. Their dog-specific oils and treats contain true full-spectrum CBD and may be particularly effective for dogs suffering from anxiety or seizures . Amy – Head of Reviews.

What’s on this page? Here’s our full review of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil and other CBD products, including our verdict on CBD quality, value, and whether Charlotte’s Web supports for dogs with arthritis or anxiety.

How does Charlotte’s Web compare to other pet CBD oils?

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CBD Oil for Dogs ranking:
1 st

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Charlotte’s Web

See where all brands ranked in our list of the best CBD oil for dogs .

Charlotte’s Web: All pet CBD products

What CBD products for dogs do Charlotte’s Web offer? Here are all the brand’s products, plus our verdict.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Drops – Chicken

Full spectrum extract

Natural chicken flavor

Charlotte’s Web makes its products from its own strain of hemp, which was developed by and named after the company. Because they are bred specifically for use in CBD products, their hemp produces a strong full-spectrum extract containing all of the plant compounds needed for a soothing effect.

The full spectrum extract contained in Charlotte’s Web CBD oil for dogs is blended with a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil derived from coconuts to facilitate digestion, plus a natural chicken flavoring to entice picky eaters. All in all, we think it’s a classic, tried-and-tested formula for a canine CBD product.

MCT oil is a widely-used CBD carrier that’s rich in fatty acids, which promote speedy digestion and help to ensure the active ingredient isn’t lost to the metabolism. As for the CBD extract, clinical trials in humans have shown its efficacy in reducing inflammatory symptoms associated with disorders such as epilepsy.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Drops

Full spectrum extract

If you’re looking for a canine CBD oil without any added flavorings, Charlotte’s Web also offers its full-spectrum/MCT oil in a flavor-free option.

Canine Hemp Balm

Full spectrum extract

Contains sooting Beeswax, Jojoba, and Turmeric root

Topical CBD products are a good way to target irritated skin or sore muscles. None of the extract is lost during digestion, and CBD stays in the local tissues, so dogs get the treatment in the area they need it most.

This hemp balm from Charlotte’s Web uses a 45omg whole hemp extract containing the same rich full spectrum CBD, which is infused in 1.5oz of calming oils and plant botanicals. Additional ingredients include turmeric and jojoba, which are also known to soothe itchiness, redness, and dry or irritated paws.

2022 update: The Hemp Balm is currently unavailable on the Charlotte’s Web site, and it’s unclear if Charlotte’s Web plans on restocking it.

Hip and Joint Chews

2.5 mg CBD per chew

Contains mobility supplements glucosamine, turmeric, and chondroitin

Charlotte’s Web makes 4 different varieties of chicken-flavor dog treats, each using the same base formula, which is then mixed with their CBD extract and other active supplements.

Alongside these Joint Health chews and the Senior Chews below, the brand also offers Calming Chews with valerian root and passionflower, and Skin Health chews with biotin, nettles, and burdock to support dogs with allergies or sensitive skin.

For their Joint-Health Forumla, Charlotte’s Web has chosen glucosamine and chonodroitin – supplements to help support the structural integrity of connective tissues and encourage flexibility.

Senior Dog Chews

2.5 mg CBD per chew

Botanical supplements to support cognition including elderberry, vitamin E, and DHA

Charlotte’s Web Senior Chews help pups retain their sharpness and mental clarity through Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is an omega-3 fatty acid that’s a primary structural component of the brain.

Look for CBD dog treat recommendations? Here’s our annual review of the best CBD treats for dogs.

Our overall verdict

In our 2022 review, Charlotte’s Web oil for dogs came in 4th place out of 38 other pet CBD products.

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Charlotte’s Web is one the best-ranking CBD brands, featuring in our 2022 overall list as well as our lists of the best CBD oils for arthritis, anxiety, seizures, and cancer.

The reason they score so well? Charlotte’s Web uses its industry-leading farming practices to create an extract that contains lots of CBD, plus all six of the secondary beneficial cannabinoids we look for.

This diverse extract increases the versatility of Charlotte’s Web’s products, making them effective across common canine conditions.

On the downside, Charlotte’s Web pet CBD products have attracted fewer unbiased reviews than other brands of a similar age. Some of those who have left reviews highlight a lack of customer service response, plus the usability of the packaging (although, it looks like Charlotte’s Web have now sorted their packaging issues).

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil for dogs: Results explained

CBD quality – Good

Independent lab tests of Charlotte’s Web’s CBD show a full-spectrum extract with an unusually diverse selection of cannabinoid compounds. This is an indication of premium extraction methods and a potent, healthy hemp crop.

An average rating of 3.2/5.0 from fewer than 100 unbiased Google and Facebook reviews is a disappointing result for a CBD brand as popular and established as Charlotte’s Web . Oil dispenser design issues and some reports of unresponsive customer service keep their star rating from the higher end of the scale.

However, it’s important to note that the vast majority of feedback about Charlotte’s Web’s CBD extract itself is positive.

Charlotte’s Web continues to be one of the most affordable premium pet CBD brands around. While there are definitely cheaper CBD oils for dogs out there, you’re unlikely to find this standard of full-spectrum CBD for less money.

Arthritis & joint pain

We featured Charlotte’s Web in our annual review of the best CBD oils for dogs with arthritis .

We featured Charlotte’s Web in this year’s review of the best CBD oils for dogs with anxiety .

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil: CBD quality

Because it’s a full spectrum extraction, Charlotte’s Web products contain all of the beneficial cannabinoids and cannabis compounds that the company has spent years carefully breeding into their crop. So, alongside CBD, your pup will also receive small doses of:

  • CBD-V, which has been shown to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures
  • CBG, which targets gut inflammation and distress
  • CBN, which aids sleep and appetite
  • CBC, which encourages mental acuity through new brain cell growth
  • And terpenes, which are aromatic compounds commonly associated with essential oils that can have a soothing effect on people and dogs

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil: Dog owner reviews

A lack of Facebook and Google reviews for Charlotte’s Web makes it difficult to draw any definitive conclusions in this section. However, existing feedback does suggest that this brand can sometimes go silent on customers who need to contact them for shipping issues and other inquiries.

Another question mark raised by customer reviews of Charlotte’s Web involves the quality of their packaging – specifically, issues with their oil dispenser. Previously, Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract Drops came with a standard graduated tincture dropper, allowing owners to take the guesswork out of dosages.

The brand then updated its product packaging to include a new pump dispenser, designed to make it easier to add a few pumps of CBD to food or treats. However, customer feedback on the new design was overwhelmingly negative.

At this point, it looks like most Charlotte’s Web CBD oil products are now shipped with traditional droppers once again, although there are some reports that customers are finding it hard to see the measurement markings on the tincture.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Pets

Charlotte’s Web makes a great CBD oil for humans, and its pet options are no different.

This is one of the only CBD pet oils made using a top-notch broad-spectrum extract — many other CBD pet oils are made from CBD isolate which lacks many of the other beneficial chemical compounds found in cannabis.

Price/Value 5/5

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Dogs is priced competitively. They’re less expensive than many other pet products found on the market and made from broad-spectrum CBD extract — where many competitors use CBD isolates. Overall, Charlotte’s Web provides a good value with these pet oils.

CBD Potency 4/5

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Dogs is only available in one potency — 17 mg/mL. This puts the CBD Oil for Dogs right in the middle of the potency spectrum for pet products. It may work well for small to medium-sized dogs (

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Hemp Source 4/5

All of Charlotte’s Web CBD pet oils are made using industrial hemp grown with organic practices. The company oversees the process from soil to bottle and has farms in Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon. According to Charlotte’s Web, the extracts are tested more than 20+ times during the production process. Everything looks good here but we’d like to see Charlotte’s Web get its organic status certified for full points.

Purpose/Uses 4/5

Charlotte’s Web suggests this CBD pet oil to help your pet manage symptoms associated with old age such as stiff hips and joints. It may also be useful for reducing anxiety and stress. This formula would be much better if there were other beneficial ingredients added to optimize the effects of this oil for a specific purpose.

Product Variations 4/5

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Dogs is available in one concentration and two different sizes — 30 mL and 100 mL. You also have the choice of either chicken or unflavored options. Overall, this is a good selection but a higher potency option would open the door to larger animals.

Formulation/Ingredients 3/5

These oils only contain two ingredients: MCT (coconut) oil and CBD extract. Although this formula works well, it’s also extremely common in the industry. Charlotte’s Web would benefit from adding other ingredients to offer symptom-specific relief.

Product Variants

Charlotte’s Web
Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Dogs
30 mL – For Dogs

4 / 5

Total CBD : 510 mg
Potency : 17 mg
Cost per mg CBD : $0.12
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
Charlotte’s Web
Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Dogs
100 mL – For Dogs

4 / 5

Total CBD : 1700 mg
Potency : 17 mg
Cost per mg CBD : $0.09
Extract Type : Full-spectrum
Table of Contents

Charlotte’s Web CBD Pet Oil Review

Article By

What Are CBD Pet Oils?

Just like humans, animals have an endocannabinoid system that responds to the chemical compounds found in cannabis plants. These chemicals — known as cannabinoids — have been shown to provide relief from pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and more.

For you concerned and caring pet owners out there, CBD may provide your pet much-needed relief from symptoms associated with old age (stiff joints, chronic pains), keep puppies calm, or reduce separation anxiety and stress.

CBD pet oils are formulated specifically for use with dogs, cats, or even horses. They usually contain smaller potencies of CBD to match the size and weight of your animal, along with more pet-friendly flavors (like bacon, fish, beef, or chicken).

About the Company: Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web was one of the first major players in the CBD industry.

The company had been growing cannabis for several years when it was approached by a family looking to help their daughter, Charlotte, manage seizures associated with Dravet’s Syndrome. Together, they developed a strain of cannabis with a high-CBD and low-THC content — this strain would become known as “Charlotte’s Web.”

This new strain of high-CBD, low-THC cannabis was able to effectively manage Charlotte’s seizures — thus Charlotte’s Web began to look into CBD-infused products.

Since then, the company has developed several CBD products including CBD oils, CBD balms, CBD capsules, CBD isolates, and these CBD pet oils.

Charlotte’s Web is one of the only companies that grows its own hemp, meaning it has complete control over its products from the soil until they reach your hands — which allows the company to ensure a greater level of consistency and quality.

Charlotte’s Web

4.83 / 5

Cost & Potency

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Dogs is reasonably priced for a broad-spectrum CBD oil made from high-quality hemp. Many competing products use CBD isolate which lacks the benefits of the entourage effect.

Additionally, a lot of the other products at this price point come from significantly smaller companies without a reliable track record — Charlotte’s Web is a tried and tested product that many customers have faith in.

In the context of CBD oils made for pets, Charlotte’s Web sits right in the mid-range of the spectrum — pets are generally smaller than humans and, therefore, require significantly less CBD to achieve similar results. With that being said there are definitely more potent products currently available for large animals or severe symptoms.

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Cost breakdown of Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Dogs
Product Image Product Name Total Price Total mg of CBD Price Per mg CBD CBD Potency
Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Dogs — 510 mg $59.99 510 mg $0.12 17 mg/mL
Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Dogs — 1700 mg $149.99 1700 mg $0.09 17 mg/mL

Hemp Source

Charlotte’s Web uses hemp grown in several states across America, including Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon. The company oversees the process from soil to bottle and guarantees that the CBD oils are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

The company provides test results that show that its extracts are free from heavy metals, residual solvents, and pesticides. However, it’s important to note that these are internally conducted purity and potency tests.

On the bright side, Charlotte’s Web is one of the few companies that have received the U.S. Hemp Authority seal of approval.

We’d like to see Charlotte’s Web get its extracts tested by a third party going forward.

Purpose & Uses

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Dogs can be added to your dog’s food or placed directly into its mouth. Charlotte’s Web suggests using it to help manage your pet’s anxiety or stress, and to reduce the effects of stiff or painful joints and hips.

At 17 mg/mL, these uses seem appropriate for small–medium-sized dogs. If you have a large dog (>50 lbs), you may want to consider higher potency options.

Product Variations & Flavors

Charlotte’s Web offers this product in one CBD concentration only, 17 mg/mL. You also have the choice of either an unflavored oil or one that tastes like chicken for picky pets.

Lastly, these oils are available in 30 or 100 mL bottles — we’d like to see Charlotte’s Web add more potency options to appeal to larger pets.

Formulation & Ingredients

The CBD Oil for Dogs only contains two ingredients: broad-spectrum hemp extract and MCT (coconut) oil. This formula is fine — but it’s the same formula found in hundreds of other CBD products currently available. Charlotte’s Web should infuse other natural ingredients in order to boost the therapeutic value of its pet oils.

If you’re using this oil for a specific health condition, you may want to check out some more specific formulas. You can find specifically formulated CBD oils for dogs with arthritis, or others formulated for dogs with cancer or epilepsy — for example.

Charlotte’s Web Shipping & Return Policy

If you’re unhappy with Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Pets, you can return the unused portion for a refund within 30-days of purchase.

Currently, Charlotte’s Web only ships within the United States and to a limited number of Canadian customers. If you’re Canadian, you’ll need to get an exemption from Health Canada. The company offers free shipping on orders over $74.99.

Final Verdict: Reasonably Priced Broad-Spectrum CBD Pet Oil

Overall, this is an excellent purchase to help your small to medium-sized pets manage a variety of health conditions like stiff joints, muscle pains, hyperactivity, stress, and anxiety.

The 100 mL bottle is a terrific deal in the realm of CBD pet oils. At $0.09 per mg of CBD, it’s quite a bit cheaper than many of Charlotte’s Web’s competitors. Additionally, there are very few companies that offer pet products in 100 mL bottles.

This is a broad-spectrum CBD oil, which means your pet can take advantage of the entire hemp plant. Many other CBD pet products are made using CBD isolates because they tend to be cheaper to make, but they have less of an effect when compared with broad-spectrum oils.

Charlotte’s Web tests its extracts at several points during the production process but we’d like to see the company provide third-party test results.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil for Dogs is an excellent choice for a broad-spectrum CBD oil at a reasonable price. It’s made from high-quality hemp and less expensive than many competitors’ products. As an added bonus, it’s available in two flavors to help you find something that suits your pup’s palette.

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