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CBD tinctures that use an MCT coconut oil can turn a pink hue. Learn more about why your CBD oil tincture may turn pink and what it means for the efficacy and quality of the product. Some clients have sent us picture of Organia CBD oil and have asked "Why has my CBD oil turned pink? Can I still use it?". The pink hue is a natural result of an enzyme in MCT carrier oil called “Polyphenol Oxidase” reacting to light and oxygen exposure. This reaction does not alter your CBD oil.

Why is my CBD Oil Pink?

This is a question that we field every now and then with our organic CBD oil tinctures. The good news is, IT’S COMPLETELY NATURAL! In fact the more pure the MCT coconut oil used, the more likely your tincture will take on a pink hue. So, there is no need to stress if you open a tincture of CBD oil and discover it has turned pink!

Why does CBD Oil turn pink?

We use USDA certified organic MCT oil (coconut oil) which is high in antioxidants! When you take our organic CBD tinctures, you’re not only getting the benefits from the CBD but also from the coconut oil. There are several factors that occur when your CBD oil turns pink. It is mostly caused by the high concentration of antioxidants and the naturally occurring oxidation process of coconuts. When coconut is exposed to light and oxygen it can set off a chemical reaction thanks to polyphenols.

Polyphenols are naturally occurring enzymes that act as antioxidants. When they are exposed to light and oxygen, they become oxidized and turn a pink or purplish hue. But fear not, It isn’t JUST CBD oil that turns pink. In fact, most coconut based products such as coconut water, typically have a smaller write up on the side of the container explaining this natural process.

The pink hues DO NOT indicate your CBD Oil has “gone bad”. Your tincture is perfectly fine for consumption and the efficacy and quality of the product isn’t changed at all. Rest assured knowing that your oil is perfectly safe for consumption and that you are using the highest quality, least processed MCT coconut oil.

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What are the benefits of using MCT Coconut oil in a CBD oil tincture?

CBD (or other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG,) and MCT coconut oil go great together. Cannabinoids are fat soluble compounds that need to have a lipid (or fat) to attach to in order to pass the blood barrier into our Endocannabinoid System. Organic MCT coconut oil is high in fat, the good kind of fat that we need to feed our bodies. Coconut oil is easily digested and absorbed into our body, making it a great partner for CBD and other cannabinoids to be able to bind to and begin their journey into our Endocannabinoid System.

Here are just a few more reasons we chose to use MCT coconut oil in our tinctures.

7 Benefits of using organic coconut oil

Odorless and Tasteless

This is one of the main reasons we use MCT oil in our tinctures. Hemp is naturally earthy and, honestly, doesn’t have a very desirable flavor. By diluting the CBD distillate into the MCT oil (and using a high yield raw product) you can keep those overpowering flavors at bay. This makes the tincture a more desirable option when consuming CBD.

Combats high blood pressure and heart disease

Coconut oil helps regulate our blood in a way that it doesn’t allow it to become sludgy, keeping it thin and moving through our veins. It has been shown to increase HDL (good cholesterol) while decreasing LDL (bad cholesterol)

Increased energy, stamina, and endurance

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that give our brain and body a quick burst of energy. It can also help accelerate the body’s ability to burn calories. The reason is MCT or medium-chain triglycerides are able to absorb and work more efficiently than typical long-chain triglycerides, which are what most fats that we eat.

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In fact, some of the world’s best athletes swear by using coconut oil mixed with honey, and chia seeds for a burst of energy before their athletic events.

Enhances brain power and memory

Coconut oil’s unique MCFA (medium-chain fatty acid) allows it to be uptaken into the brain as energy without the need for insulin. About 50% of the MCFA in coconut oil is lauric acid. Revitalizes skin including dandruff and psoriasis

Raw organic Coconut oil makes for a great treatment to moisturize and replenish your top layer of skin. Coconut oil can be used as an after shower scalp treatment by applying it to the scalp and leaving it in for a few hours or overnight allowing the fatty acids to go to work on soothing the skin.

Kills bacteria, fungi, microbes and other harmful pathogens

This is good news for our gut health when ingested and can even be used topically to ward off staph infections. About half the fatty acids in coconut oil are lauric acid. Lauric acid attacks and kills bacteria, fungi, microbes and harmful pathogens giving coconut oil some real fighting power.

Lauric Acid is used as medicine for a laundry list of viral infections including the flu, common cold, and many forms of STDs.

Coconut oil could reduce lactate buildup

Consider adding a Mint tincture to your pre workout regimine for a burst of energy and to keep lactic acid build up at bay. Too much lactic acid build up in the muscles can reduce recovery times for athletes.

Coconut oil reduces appetite

Scientist believe this is due to the way the fatty acids in coconut oil are metabolized, they can increase fullness, amplify fat loss and improve your gut biome.

Adding a dropper full of CBD tincture into your morning coffee is highly recommended. It’s the perfect way to jump start your body and your Endocannabinoid System setting the stage for a productive day!

As you can see there are many benefits to coconuts. Next time you purchase your favorite coconut milk or coconut water, see if you notice a pink hue or if you can find information on the side of the box to explain this natural process.

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If the pink hue bothers you, you can store your CBD tincture in the refrigerator to slow down this enzymatic process.

Any other questions? Leave a comment or shoot us an e-mail. We are dedicated to being there for you throughout your entire CBD process.

Why has my CBD oil turned pink?

CBD in any form must be stored in a dark place to avoid direct sunlight. That is one of the reasons why Organia’s CBD oils come in a reusable lightproof package where you can keep your oil in the dark.

When CBD Oil turns pink, the pink hue is a natural result of an enzyme in MCT carrier oil called “Polyphenol Oxidase” reacting to light and oxygen exposure. This reaction does not alter your CBD oil. It simply means that the MCT Oil used in your CBD product is of the highest quality.

CBD Oil turns pink when the Polyphenol Oxidase enzyme in MCT Oil has been exposed to light and oxygen. It is 100% safe to use pink CBD oil.

If you feel that the pink color clashes with your outfit, you can slow down the oxidation process by storing your CBD oil in the package box it came in or even in the fridge. Still, this isn’t necessary to maintain its life span, nor does the pink color mean the oil has gone bad.

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