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Wondering how much you should be paying for CBD oil? Here's what you need to know about the current market and average prices. Buy the best, full spectrum CBD oil made from Colorado hemp. Our CBD oil for sale comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Fast, easy ordering and delivery.

CBD Oil Prices: How Much Should You Be Paying For CBD

CBD oil has never been more popular, but what goes into the cost we pay at our local dispensary?

CBD products can take many forms from bulk CBD concentrate to CBD vape pens with a 510 thread battery. Even gummies have gotten CBD variations along with topicals and other products. CBD is everywhere, but the costs are still a mystery for many consumers.

Here’s how CBD prices are calculated as well as the manufacturing and retails factors that go into determining how much CBD products should cost.

What Does CBD Oil Cost?

The CBD oil is fairly complicated to unpack. This is due to a few reasons that are unique to the CBD market. Whether you’re buying gummies or getting the best CBD vape pens with a fresh 510 thread battery, you’ll be paying a premium for high-end products.

The CBD market is still very new, and it exists in a legal gray space. While the 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD on a federal level, many states and local jurisdictions did not follow suit.

This means that CBD also has more regulatory standards than other consumer products. One way to think about it is that it is much more difficult to produce a CBD gummy than it is to produce a regular chewable candy.

This means that CBD products can have up to a 400% markup from the cost of materials and labor. All products have some markup which is how a business makes a profit, but the average markup across Industries is only 40%.

The cost of CBD products starts with the bulk cost of CBD for manufacturers. This can be somewhere between 3 to $15 for a 1,000 mg bottle. That means that on an industrial level, a CBD costs a few cents to a fraction of a cent per milligram.

Once it hits the store shelves, CBD products often cost somewhere between $0.02 to $0.20 per milligram. This is a significant markup and a wide variation in cost, but that has to do with the different types of CBD products and how they are priced differently.

The Math Behind CBD Prices

Now we’re going to go over a basic calculation that you can do on the fly to find out how much you are paying for your CBD products.

This cost simply looks at how many milligrams of CBD you’re getting in your product, the overall price of the product, and finds out how much you’re paying per milligram for CBD.

As a general rule, it’s okay to pay more for CBD depending on how it was produced. CBD made from organic, pesticide-free hemp typically costs more. CBD also costs more if it’s been thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory for both CBD and THC levels, but also for things like residual solvents and pesticides.

Here’s the math to calculate how much you’re paying for mg of CBD.

Price ÷ total mg CBD = price per mg of CBD

This means that a $30 bottle of CBD oil that contains 100mg of CBD will be costing you $0.30 per mg of CBD. In this case, that would be either a very high-end product or a potential sign that you are paying more than you should for that CBD product.

Remember, the average price range per mg of CBD is between $0.02 to $0.20.

The Price of CBD Products

The cost of CBD oil is going to depend on the product that the CBD oil is in. CBD tinctures and vapes tend to be the most cost-effective while CBD creams and lotions are the most expensive. CBD edibles have a high variance in price owing to the differences in the types of food the CBD has been added to.

Let’s take a look at a few common product categories and how much the CBD costs in each product.

CBD Vape Pens

The cost of CBD vape pens with a 510 thread battery is very affordable as far as CBD per mg costs go.

CBD vape pens offer you the best pricing. These can cost as low as 7 cents per mg of CBD all the way up to 20 cents per milligram or even more. Average prices are somewhere between 10 and 18 cents per milligram of CBD.

The cost goes down a little bit depending on factors like branding, the volume of your purchase, and whether or not you’re just buying cartridges or an entire vape pen.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures have some of the widest price variance when it comes to purchasing CBD by mg. Low quality CBD tinctures can cost you as little as $0.04 per milligram which is close to what companies pay for bulk CBD.

High-end products can cost 20 cents per mg or more. This wide variance and price has to do with the quality of the ingredients. Organic and thoroughly tested products are going to cost more than CBD tinctures made with lower regulatory standards.

In general, this is definitely one of those products where you want to spend a little bit more to ensure that you’re getting something of a much higher quality.

CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are single-handedly the most cost-effective way to purchase CBD. This is about as close as you can get to buying CBD in bulk directly from a manufacturer. This does come with the added challenge of knowing how to dose CBD concentrates, but with a little bit of learning you could save tons of money on your CBD.

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CBD concentrates typically cost well under $0.10 per milligram. Average prices hover around $0.05 per milligram and depend on the volume of your purchase as well as the quality of the products to begin with.

What About CBD Flower?

You can find strains of hemp flower that are CBD focussed and contain little THC. These are often available at dispensaries and are a great way to get the benefits of CBD without having to worry about tinctures, edibles, and concentrates.

On a technical level, CBD flower is the most cost-effective way to purchase CBD. CBD flower does not have to go through any of the extraction or testing processes that other CBD products have to go through. This cuts down on overhead and pricing. However, you are going to be purchasing a smokable flower rather than a premade product.

You can find strands of flower that have around a 25% CBD concentration. If you’re purchasing the average of an eighth of CBD flower, that will get you about 875 mg of CBD per eighth. You can expect this to cost somewhere around $20 to $45.

CBD flower typically cost less than THC flower at a dispensary. However, as CBD flower becomes more popular there are going to be more hybrids and strains that could see the price of CBD change over the next few years.

The Future of CBD Prices

CBD oil is more popular than ever before. Whether it’s CBD gummies for stress relief or CBD vape pens, the 2018 Farm Bill ushered in a new era for the CBD market.

This is going to have some major impacts on the future of CBD prices. As consumers, we can expect the market to hold steady for a while.

CBD is still finding its footing across the country. There are many communities where these products have yet to hit store shelves and they still exist in something of a legal gray area throughout the nation.

However, things are trending towards legalization for CBD and cannabis products. As these become more widely available, we can expect to see the price change for CBD and cannabis products alike.

This is going to be a decrease in cost for some of the entry-level products, but also an increase in cost for higher-end options. Will have more choices between purchasing bulk CBD or getting the best CBD vape pens that the market has to offer.

This is an exciting time to be a fan of CBD products and we’re looking at a future with some of the best CBD ever being in reach.

How to Save on CBD

You cannot figure out the cost per milligram of your favorite CBD products.

This gives you the knowledge that you need to find a few best prices on CBD no matter where you’re shopping. Whether you are looking to buy some CBD vape pens with a new 510 thread battery or you just want CBD oil to try and make your own gummies, you can find a price that’s right for you and know how to get a fair value for your CBD.


High-quality CBD Oils are a quick and easy addition to your daily natural supplement regimen. Choose from an award-winning selection of full spectrum hemp extract flavors, including citrus, mint, natural, berry, and vanilla. Our CBD Oil is crafted from the finest organic industrial hemp plants while keeping the naturally occurring terpenes and other beneficial cannabinoids in place. Our highest quality oils are designed as high accessibility, full-spectrum blends that contain less than the required legal limit of 0.3% THC from hemp.

Product Details

Full spectrum hemp extract and CBD oils. 4 strengths, 5 flavors, 60 servings each and easy to follow instructions. We use organic flavoring and MCT oil to help increase the flavor profile as well as offer additional cognitive functionality. 300mg – 2400mg tincture bottles available.


Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (aerial parts) CBD, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Natural Flavors. *Contains Coconut.

Suggested Use

Take 1-2 servings a day or as needed. Can take day or night. Keep away from direct sunlight and store in room temperature. 1/2 Dropper or .5mL = 1 serving size.

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From capturing and delivering the very best components of our Colorado-grown hemp, to the reply from our customer service people in your inbox, we aim to make your life a little easier and friendlier.


No need to break out the calculators and microscopes, we’ve got simple instructions on the bottle and measurement markers on our droppers.


Let’s not waste time or money, shall we? You’re only getting top notch, Colorado-grown hemp here- you can check the third party lab results any time you want.


You don’t have to be a hardcore athlete or a health guru to use CBD. If you have a body, you have an endocannabinoid system. That’s what CBD works with– not your particular personality or hobbies.


We have 5 flavors and 4 strengths for you to choose from, so you’re sure to find the combo you love.

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The FAB CBD oils we use have proven to be exceptionally good for various applications for both my wife and I.

Wahooooooooooo! Thank you so much Michael.

I love this CBD oil. I started with the 600mg and moved to 1200. It is my go to CBD.

Thank you Jessica for sharing! We are so glad you found the mg of oil that works best for you. Thanks again!

I absolutely love the Citrus flavored oil but, once again, the purchase window defaulted to unflavored. but I didn’t catch the error in time to correct the order and I got 3 bottles of the unflavored. and I don’t like it. but it was my mistake so I’ll have to live with it. FAB was fabulous with correcting my error last time before it was shipped but this time I’ll use this as a teaching moment. check to make sure it’s the correct item before pushing “send”.

Hi Paulette,
We aim to please! Feel free to reach out to [email protected] with your order number and we’ll get back to you right away. Thanks for choosing us AGAIN! 🙂

Thank you so much Terry!

My wife likes this one. Does not really taste like Vanilla, more like coffee .


FAB CBD has four strengths and five amazing, tasty flavors of organically grown hemp CBD oil. Each bottle has a year-long shelf life and is always made to order. In fact, when you buy CBD oil from FAB, you can count on receiving the best CBD oil around! CBD oil drops are best kept at room temperature away from excessive light, heat, or moisture.

Pure CBD oil may be able to provide:

  • Support for normal everyday stresses
  • Healthy recovery from exercise or daily activity
  • Support for a sense of calm that could ultimately boost overall focus

Because our organic CBD oil products are all natural and free of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and other dangerous chemicals and preservatives, they may visually vary slightly from batch to batch. Some CBD brands market hemp seed oil as synonymous with CBD oil, which is misleading. Our CBD tinctures always include whole plant extracts from the hemp plant, containing a unique blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial phytonutrients. As always, and per federal law, all of FAB CBD’s full spectrum CBD oil contain less than 0.3% THC.

Lastly, we share with you a word of caution: take care when using any CBD products as they may cause you to fail THC screenings. CBD can metabolize in such a way that it causes a false positive to be produced in a THC screening. It’s advised that you take any and all CBD products at your own risk.


FAB CBD Oil is crafted from the finest organically grown Colorado hemp and is extracted using the industry-preferred, clean Co2 extraction process. This means that there are no harmful solvents used, nor are their contaminants like heavy metals. All of FAB CBD’s full-spectrum CBD oils come in strengths of 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg, and in flavors of citrus, mint, natural, berry, and vanilla.

All CBD Oil for sale on our website is created using non-gmo organically grown hemp extract, have a full-spectrum cannabinoid blend, flavoring from natural sources, contain beneficial terpenes and flavonoids, are packed with medium chain triglycerides (from MCT oil as the carrier oil), and contain less than 0.3% THC. Full spectrum oils are not THC-free, but contain levels so low that no psychoactive effects are possible. Certificates of analysis from third party lab testing reports are available to view on each product page

Lastly, we share with you a word of caution: take care when using any CBD products as they may cause you to fail THC screenings. CBD can metabolize in such a way that it causes a false positive to be produced in a THC screening. It’s advised that you take any and all CBD products at your own risk.


To find the dose that is best for you, always dispense the oil using the dropper that comes with the bottle. Gently squeeze the rubber end of the dropper and release while still in the bottle. The dropper should then be about half full, which will indicate a “full dropper.” Please note that the oil will not fill the entire dropper for one dose. Drop the oil either directly into your mouth sublingually (or under the tongue).

A great rule of thumb when you first buy CBD oil is to begin low and go slow. So, if you’ve purchased a 600mg bottle of FAB CBD full spectrum oil, use a half a dropper full (about 5mg of CBD) once a day for about a week. After a week has elapsed, check in with yourself to see how you are feeling. If you feel the need to increase your dose, then try a half a dropper two times a day. This will equal about 10mg of CBD oil a day. Again, stay at this dose for another week before checking in with yourself. Keep using this method until you find the dose that best suits your needs.

  • Do not touch the dropper to your mouth and/or tongue so that you will be able to preserve the quality of your CBD hemp extract.
  • The 30ml CBD oil bottle contains 30-1ml servings or 60-.5ml servings. Your reaction, as well as doctor guidance, will help you determine the proper serving size for yourself.
  • The dropper in all of FAB CBD’s 30ml bottles can hold 1ml of CBD oil tincture.
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When you decide to purchase CBD oil online and you are trying to figure out which type and potency is right for you, it’s best to start small and gradually increase your dose until you reach your desired result. You might not even need a full CBD serving. You also might not need the strongest CBD oil for sale either. While we have CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD products, our oils are all full-spectrum. You should, of course, always consult with your doctor or medical specialist just the same as you would with any daily dietary supplement addition.

FAB CBD offers many strengths of CBD oil potency, as well as an amazing array of natural flavors. You may need to try different potencies to find the best CBD serving size for you (with your doctor’s guidance, of course). Keep in mind that everyone is different, and while some may only need a little bit of oil, others may need more to achieve their desired results. Once you have figured out your potency, then you’ll be able to always find the best CBD products for yourself.

FAB CBD Oil tinctures, topicals, and chews are non-psychoactive as they only contain less than 0.3% THC. We advise that you use caution when using any full-spectrum CBD products, as they may cause you to fail a THC test/screening in the lab. All types of CBD also have the ability to metabolize in such a way that it can cause false positive test results to appear on THC screenings/tests. Remember, while the USDA has implemented the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD oils are still not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is for all of these reasons that you should take any and all CBD oil and CBD products at your own risk.


Why Choose FAB CBD Oil?

All of the FAB CBD products for sale are a cut above the rest because we’re thinking about our customers the whole way through. From the pristine organic hemp farms in Colorado, USA, to the best CBD product formulations, to the rigorous third party CBD testing, we are maintaining quality from start to finish. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable with CBD, whether you’re using CBD oil, CBD gummies, or topical CBD products. To that end, we offer spectacular customer service that surpasses the rest in the CBD industry.

What Else is in FAB CBD Oil Besides CBD?

Our CBD oil contains only naturally occurring cannabinoids extracted from pure USA hemp, natural flavors, and MCT (medium chain triglycerides) like coconut oil so that you can easily take your oil in a dropper and your body will absorb it easily and efficiently.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

The serving suggestion on our bottles is to take 1/2 dropper as a serving size. It’s suggested to new users that they try this daily for a week and then if you aren’t feeling any effect, take either a full dropper daily or 1/2 dropper twice per day. Every time you increase your amount, give your body a few days to acclimate and pay attention to what you feel. That will get you to your sweet spot.

Why Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

This is a personal preference. Some customers like full spectrum oils because they contain the full profile of cannabinoid content. Others like broad spectrum oils because the THC has been specifically taken out. THC is the cannabinoid that can cause a feeling of euphoria or “high.” This effect only happens when ingested in large amounts, and hemp plants (unlike marijuana plants) have been bred to possess such miniscule quantities of THC that they cannot induce any psychoactive effects when ingested. However, those who are still nervous about THC may opt for braod spectrum oils.

What Potency of CBD Oil is Most Effective?

CBD dosage is not one-size-fits-all. Everybody is different, and taking too much CBD can be just as ineffective as taking too little. We recommend starting with a dose of 10-20mg once a day for at least 5-7 days before changing your dosage. Try to take your Fab CBD Oil at about the same time every day. With our CBD oil products you can easily control how much you take because you’re using a dropper with convenient measurement markers on the side.

What Flavors Are Available?

Our full spectrum CBD oils come in five flavors and four strengths: Citrus, Vanilla, Berry, Mint, and Natural flavors in 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg strengths.

Can You Take CBD Oil on an Airplane?

Within the US, you can fly with CBD oil as long as it’s hemp-derived and contains less than 0.3% THC (which is the norm for all reputable CBD brands). As always, you must adhere to TSA guidelines regarding liquids of any type, so you’ll have to be sure your CBD oil is under 3 fl oz (most bottles are only 1 fl oz).

When Will My Order Arrive?

Shipping typically takes 3-7 business days to arrive. However, since COVID-19 we are seeing some longer delivery times in certain areas or during busier times of the year. Shipping may take up to 10 business days. If for any reason your order doesn’t arrive in that timeframe please email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!

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