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A Guide to CBD Oil in Italy (Update February 2022) CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is the topic of many testimonials by women and men alike who claim it has many health benefits. Although Buying CBD in Italy can get confusing. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll clarify the laws concerning purchasing CBD, reveal some of the best CBD brands available in Italy, and provide insights and tips on where you can purchase your CBD fix.

A Guide to CBD Oil in Italy (Update February 2022)

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is the topic of many testimonials by women and men alike who claim it has many health benefits. Although research studies around cannabinoids are increasing and anecdotal evidence is mounting, there are still questions surrounding the effectiveness of CBD oil as a food supplement product in Italy.

There is also confusion regarding the status of CBD in many countries in Europe, one of which is Italy. Many people are curious to know whether it is okay to use CBD oil food supplements in Italy as part of their health food diet. People travelling to Italy from other countries are especially interested to know if they can carry CBD oil into Italy without any issue.

Rules around Cannabidiol are constantly changing in both Italy and the EU and this has led to controversy over the use of the food supplement especially for both diet and medicinal purposes. Malta for one has just legalised recreational Cannabis under new laws which means that CBD is also a prominent food supplement on the market there now.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Italy?

Purchasing CBD oil in Italy can be done through Dr. Hemp Me CBD, a European leader in Cannabidiol supplements. All order can be made through our E-Commerce store which provides customers with an easy-to-use shop, a wide range of products and even blog articles for people to read through and learn more about CBD.

Delivery to Italy is between 1 and 3 business days once orders are placed before 2.30pm Monday to Friday. CBD retailers like us who operate solely online, offer comprehensive knowledge of the industry and eliminate the need for customers to visit a physical store. All questions can be asked through email or our instant chat service which is available on the website.

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What is a CBD Oil Food Supplement?

CBD, a short form for Cannabidiol, is one of the most active ingredients of the Cannabis Sativa plant which is also known as hemp. After delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is the second most active ingredient in marijuana. It has been proven that CBD does not have a toxic effect as is present in THC.

Therefore, CBD does not make people ‘high’ rather it is claimed that it has focus type effect. People who use CBD from the cannabis plant as a dietary supplement, just like any other health vitamin, use it as a source of minerals and nutrients to fuel their body and mind.

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There are thousands of products derived from hemp like vapes, creams, and even Gummies but CBD oil is the most popular. You must know that there is a difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil. That is, hemp seed oil does not have any of the cannabinoids which are present in CBD oil. Hemp seed oil is used as a carrier oil for CBD oil products, which means it simply houses the Cannabidiol so that the user can drop it under their tongue.

The chemical components in CBD oil vary greatly depending on the process of extraction and the cannabinoids present in the plant. CBD is actually seen as a safe alternative to medical cannabis with none of the side effects that are associated with the latter. The continued research studies on CBD have increased the buzz around it over the past few years as a health food supplement for both humans and pets.

What Benefits come from taking CBD Supplements?

The benefits linked to CBD use are extensive though most of the claimed benefits have not been proven scientifically. However, due to the increased interest in natural, holistic medicine, CBD has been embraced by many and the government of Italy is not left out. The additional absence of side-effects in the use of CBD, unlike THC, has also made it more accepted.

In case you didn’t know, CBD as a cannabinoid works in reaction to receptors in the human brain which are part of the body’s Endocannabinoid System. According to researchers, this system, the ECS, works to regulate certain bodily functions related to our emotions, stress response, pain levels and even our reproductive systems.

Taking CBD seems to be almost as common as taking a vitamin or mineral supplement everyday, for the purpose of an intake of extra nutrients. The difference between CBD oil and a capsule of calcium or Vitamin D for example is that it goes through absorption in the gums under the tongue rather than through the digestive system. This process allows the CBD to be absorbed into the blood quickly and release the hemp plant’s benefits using a CBD vitamin diet.

As shown by the production of a drug, Epidiolex, made using CBD and used in the USA, it can be used to treat a seizure disorder caused by Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. While CBD has been approved for the treatment of epilepsy there in both adults and children above the age of two, it must be used as a last resort. Regardless of the amount of health claims by men and women, we cannot fully discuss the use of CBD and potential medical benefits due to its current muddled status.

What is the Status of CBD Oil in Italy?

Yes, CBD oil is permitted in Italy. Since CBD oil is one of the derivatives of the cannabis plant, it is essential to give a brief insight into the history of the of cannabis in Italy. The status of cannabis has been a back and forth issue in Italy since the 90s.

While cannabis was tagged “soft drug” in 1990 and carried non-criminal penalties, it was re-classified as a “hard drug” in 2006. In 2013 cannabis was approved and made available to people for industrial purposes only.

With the approved status of CBD, the government authorised the cultivation of hemp but with rules attached. To increase the quantity of CBD oil produced in the country due to its potential health benefits, the government eventually authorised the cultivation of hemp by the general public in 2016 which resulted in the “green gold rush”. The cultivation and production of industrial hemp is allowed as long as the THC content is 0.6% or less.

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When CBD was first permitted, its THC component could not be more than 0.2% but it has since been increased to 0.6%. It is not permitted to use CBD oil with more than 0.6% THC even if it is for medical reasons unless there is specific and direct instruction from a doctor. Nevertheless, you can get CBD without the doctor’s prescription in Italy as long as the hemp content is below 0.2% in both online stores and pharmacies.

The Verdict on CBD Products in Italy

Unlike most European countries, Italy is more relaxed regarding the use of CBD oil, however the government is seeking to regulate the use of CBD products which includes CBD oils and more. However, when you think about the current status of CBD oils in Italy, you must keep in mind that as long as it does not have a “toxic effect”, then it is perfectly ok.

Is CBD legal in Italy & Where to Buy it

Buying CBD in Italy can get confusing. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll clarify the laws concerning purchasing CBD, reveal some of the best CBD brands available in Italy, and provide insights and tips on where you can purchase your CBD fix.

Dr. Emma F. Stone is passionate about plant medicine and the potential it holds in transforming the current medical paradigm. She has written extensively for Leafly, Weedmaps, Flowertown, Psychedelic Science Review, and contributed to industry reports and fact sheets detailing cannabis medicine, dosage, and delivery methods for diverse conditions. She’s currently working on a book exploring plant medicine and its uses.

Here are our key findings

  • CBD is available in Italy, but its legality is somewhat ambiguous.
  • In May 2019, Italy’s Supreme Court of Cassation prohibited the sale of cannabis derivatives, including hemp leaves, flowers, resin, and oil. This new ruling, however, excluded products that are free of narcotic effects. There was no direction regarding acceptable levels of THC in CBD products.
  • Italian CBD consumers generally have no trouble purchasing hemp-derived CBD products that contain 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or less. Since the law is unclear, it’s best to refrain from buying CBD products with higher THC concentrations.
  • CBD products derived from industrial hemp, including oils, tinctures, and capsules, are available from specialty Italian stores and online.
  • CBD edibles and beverages are currently prohibited under theNovel Food Regulation, which extends throughout Europe.

Italians have enthusiastically embraced CBD. The year 2016 marked a major turning point in Italy’s cannabis history when the sale of products derived from industrial hemp became legal. Thanks to leeway built into the law, Italians were soon enjoying their version of CBD, known as ‘cannabis light’ which contained up to 0.6% THC. The cannabis light movement swept Italy by storm, generating an estimated 40 million euro in revenue, with shops popping up all over Rome–the Eternal City.

Since then, however, political turmoil and inconclusive legal changes have seen the ‘cannabis light’ market wither. Italians still enjoy and purchase CBD products, but there’s currently no clear consensus about what constitutes a legally acceptable quantity of THC. To play it safe, many Italian CBD retailers and consumers stick with products containing 0.2% THC or less.

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This Leafreport guide will explore the range of high-quality CBD brands that are currently available in Italy, or can be shipped there. We’ll also unpack some of the complexities surrounding Italian CBD law, and provide pointers on shopping in the Italian CBD market.

Is CBD oil legal in Italy?

CBD currently occupies a gray zone under Italian law. The past few years have seen Italian legislation moving back-and-forth with respect to CBD, resulting in a climate of legal ambiguity.

In 2016, law 242 ruled that industrial hemp or “light cannabis” as it is popularly known, was legal on the condition that the THC content was less than 0.2%. In accordance with this law, it was further elaborated that there was an acceptable threshold of THC concentration: if the total THC content is more than 0.2% but no more than 0.6%, there would be no liability borne by the grower.

This tolerance saw the rapid growth of the “cannabis light” market in Italy, with CBD products widely available over the counter until 2019. However, the inauguration of a more conservative government was linked to legislative attitudes towards CBD. In May 2019, the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation banned the sale of cannabis derivatives, including hemp leaves, flowers, resin, and oil. This law overshadowed the CBD market, but it didn’t explicitly categorize CBD as illegal as it excluded products that didn’t cause narcotic effects. There was no ruling, however, on what percentage of THC was permitted in CBD products.

A decree published on 28 October 2020 established that oral CBD requires further in-depth, technical and scientific studies, which must be carried out by the National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) and National Council of Health (Consiglio Superiore di Sanità). Despite the rapid succession of legal changes, Italians can still order CBD online and purchase the CBD products in person. Many Italians choose to play it safe by ensuring that the products they buy fall beneath the 0.2% threshold, and refraining from buying products with higher THC concentrations of up to 0.6%.

CBD edibles are explicitly illegal in Italy. The European Commission added cannabinoids to the EU Novel Food Catalogue in January 2018. This EU rule considers CBD a novel food due to the lack of history regarding use as food before 1997.

Best CBD products in Italy

A wide range of high-quality CBD brands from both Europe and the United States currently ship to Italy, so consumers have access to diverse products.

We’ve collated a list of some of the leading CBD brands available to Italian consumers. Each brand is ranked according to our comprehensive Leafreport rating system, with in-depth detail about the strengths and weaknesses of each brand also supplied.

Here’s the breakdown of our scoring categories, and our pick of the best CBD brands in Italy.

Leafreport’s scoring categories

The Leafreport scoring system is standardized and calculated using our database, which collates third-party lab test results, prices, additional ingredients, extract types, and other relevant data. We add all of these up to find an overall score out of 100 points.

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