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Finally, as a dispensary owner you have some significant security concerns to deal with. When thousands of dollars of your cash or product can easily be stuffed into a pocket you’ve got to be on the lookout for theft, both internal and external – as well as robbery. You’ll also have to spring for a pretty heavy duty security and surveillance system to stay compliant with the law.

To take full advantage of the green rush, you’re going to need to be able to raise a lot of green currency. Even a modest dispensary startup costs can easily be upwards of $250k+ to open the doors. Additionally, dispensaries often have difficulties obtaining financial services due to federal banking restrictions related to the criminal classification of cannabis, which leads to an overly heavy balance of cash transactions.

The fact of the matter is that entering the legal cannabis industry can be incredibly profitable. With sales in 2018 nearing $10 billion, and projected to triple by 2023, cannabis is poised to soon pass the NFL in terms of revenue. Dispensaries do enjoy a healthy profit margin, and most new dispensaries are in the black within their first year of operation, with over 75% profitable or at least covering their operating costs.


Dispensaries face a much higher standard than the average business when it comes to legal compliance. The cannabis industry is highly regulated in all states and provinces, and you (and everyone associated with the dispensary, even investors!) are going to have to satisfy some stringent requirements when it comes to residency and criminal background checks, and will face an ongoing struggle to ensure you remain legally compliant at all times.

Today we’re going to take an objective look at both the potential benefits as well as the risks involved in opening a dispensary*, and walk you through the entire process; we’ll cover everything from obtaining your initial funds, to applying for your license, all the way through opening your doors for business.

With most U.S. states and the entirety of Canada now permitting the usage of cannabis, a new green rush is sweeping the nation.

Over 95% of the U.S. population lives in an area where marijuana is legal to some degree, over 25% in states where recreational use is permitted, and Canada has ended prohibition and federally legalized recreational cannabis. New businesses in the industry are springing up quite literally like weeds – grow operations, processing facilities, and dispensaries, to name just a few.

Order from a wide variety of products, safely and legally, and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

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Ready to use Since you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase cannabis in Alberta, we’ll need to verify your age as you create your account.

Pay securely online and ship by either Canada Post or Purolator. Someone 18+ must be present to sign for your package.

Once we’ve confirmed your age, you’ll be able to browse and choose from over 1,000 legal cannabis products.

We are a recreational cannabis dispensary serving adults 21 and over with locations in Northampton & Pittsfield, MA. We accept cash and debit. Customers may place their order online and pick-up at one of our locations or walk-in and place their order on a kiosk or with one of our dispensary agents. Masks are optional for vaccinated customers and staff.

What's your preference? Pre-Rolls? Top Shelf Flower? Maybe you prefer concentrates. No matter your style, you can find it at Jack's. We're a trustworthy dispensary with a stellar staff selling a wide variety of high-quality cannabis products. Stop in today, we'd love to have you.

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To Jack cannabis has always been something that brings people together. Cannabis users have always shared a subtle connection with each other through the years of prohibition when cannabis could only be used behind closed doors. Now, those doors have been opened, and Jack's dispensary is a place where these people can convene to source top notch cannabis products. Jack wishes to create a space where all are welcome and can share their passion for this awesome plant. From newbies to experienced users we're here to help! If you're new to bud, come meet your new buds!