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buy marijuana seeds online california

Also available are multiple purchase methods including credit and debit cards, bank deposits and transfers, and Bitcoin. Standard shipping is free, and tracked shipping costs $25.

Final Thoughts

Individuals should also consider the payment method they’re using. Bitcoin is usually recommended as it’s encrypted and untraceable. Though, customers can choose to pay using credit cards since purchases are insured and protected.

The website allows for special strain requests that are not listed among the available products. QCS cares about their customers’ safety, too, offering discreet shipping.

2. Crop King Seeds – Great variety of strains

Orange Cookies marijuana seeds provide a relaxing and gentle high that’s suitable for a variety of smokers. With THC levels around 14-16% this high feels soothing, energizing, and social.

Avalon is a great cannabis strain to choose for those looking for an immersive sedating experience.

Orange Cookies Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Peyote Cookies makes a fine choice for cannabis users with a sweet tooth and the desire to have an uplifting relaxation session at the end of the day.

If citrus fruit is your thing, Tangie feminized marijuana seeds are right up your alley. Delivering a potent dose of creative and clear-headed energy, this high-THC strain is perfect for patients struggling with mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. Tangie requires an experienced hand, and intermediate to master growers should have no trouble with this fragrant strain.

Despite what its name implies, Sin City Kush is a great choice for nights when you feel like spending a relaxing evening at home rather than tearing up the clubs on the Las Vegas Strip.

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Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

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You can also identify a female marijuana plant if there is the growth of white pistol hairs that are surrounding where the small bud is on the main stock and flooding branch. On female marijuana plants, there will be at least one white hair that grows from the small bud. As a female plant becomes more mature, the white pistol hairs will turn in orange or red color.