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buy female marijuana seeds

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By planting feminized seeds, you eliminate the possibility of getting a male plant that won’t produce flowers, and of having a male plant accidentally pollinate flower-bearing female plants. The only thing you have to worry about when you plant feminized cannabis seeds is the quality of your seeds and a condition called hermaphroditism.

What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

At Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, our grower-oriented approach to cannabis cultivation has been the guiding principle behind the high quality genetics of our seed groups. We apply proven technology to seed feminization that guarantees a 100% success rate in the production of female plants in our feminized cannabis seeds USA category.

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DO – Keep it Simple. Marijuana, or ‘weed’ as it is commonly known, is inherently easy to grow. Furthermore, it grows wonderfully in a large bucket filled with good quality potting soil.

The Future of Feminized Seeds USA

Vegetative Stage – This is the stage when your feminized seeds experience their maximal growth. Most Indica plants will top out at not much more than 3 feet in height while many sativa strains can reach upwards of 12-15 feet when grown outdoors. Most nutrient mixes made specifically for feminized plant’s veg stage are rich in Nitrogen as this is the primary macronutrient required for cell division and cell growth. Medium phosphorous levels and medium-to-low potassium are just right for this period. If you are growing in a fixed-sized container, make sure your plant’s roots will have enough space to make it through the end. As a final note, the vegetative stage is also when you will want to start early pruning to shape your cannabis plant, or apply other low-stress training techniques that can increase locations for buds to develop.

How to germinate feminized seeds?

The benefit of choosing feminized seeds is that your overall crop should be higher than if you were to use regular, un-sexed seeds. This is because male plants in your garden will essentially waste garden space and nutrients by not giving you valuable buds at the end of your grow. When you know that your plants will turn out 100% productive, then a high yield is sure to come your way as long as you take proper care of the plant.

Now that cannabis seed breeders in countries around the world have mastered the ability to create high-THC and high-CBD strains, the next 10 to 20 years will likely see new cannabinoids taking the scene. The subtle benefits of other compounds in the marijuana plant such as CBG and THCV. These aren’t the main compounds that get you high or relieve your pain the way CBD can, but modern research is showing that the other cannabinoids definiltey offer a synergistic effect and bring unique benefits to your smoking (or edible) experience.

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Feminized seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds, on the other hand, will only produce female plants.
These feminized seeds can be more expensive than regular seeds, and you also usually get less in each order, but they’re not as high-maintenance as regular ones.

In many cases, the worst thing that will happen is that the authorities might confiscate your order, but you shouldn’t get in any legal trouble as a result (be sure to check your local laws first, though).

They even take that professionalism one step further by offering a loyalty program, helping you to get some free cannabis seeds or big discounts if you order from them frequently. You can get more than seeds, too, as they also sell a variety of accessories for your weed-smoking experience.

You can even get free shipping, although you need to spend at least $200 to qualify. Otherwise, you’ll pay between $20 and $40; that total comes with a tracking number and insurance, though.