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buy female marijuana seeds online

No, some seed banks have temporarily halted international shipping because of COVID, while others choose to only ship to the U.K., Europe, U.S. Australia, and New Zealand in order to avoid legal problems with countries with stricter cannabis laws.

They also accept Bitcoin for stealthy payments.


Do all reputable seed banks offer international shipping?

We hope you find the perfect seed bank for your needs!

Always check that your cannabis seed bank ships to your country before you buy weed seeds online.

Generally yes, it is safe to order seeds online from reputable seed banks.

That’s about as discreet as you can get.

If you’re looking to collect pure feminised seeds for the future then buy feminized marijuana seeds at Seedsman now.

The creation and evolution of Feminized cannabis seeds have been one of the defining moments in the expansion of the cannabis market over the last few decades.

The creation of feminized cannabis seeds meant that the inconvenience of male plants, particularly their size, was no longer a concern.

Because male plants can fertilise many females, the popularity of feminized seeds continues to significantly aid the future preservation of cannabis strains for generations to come.

Wild cannabis plants are typically hermaphrodites, meaning they carry the physical traits of both sexes. This is done as an emergency response to the lack of either sex in a certain crop and also allows for self-pollination. This dioecious trait has been bred-out of most contemporary, commercialized plants, in order to manipulate the cultivation process and save time by removing the need to sex plants. Good quality feminized strains on the commercial market are all but resistant to becoming hermaphrodites, particularly if grown in proper conditions.

Today. Feminized seeds are bred in a way that enables them to develop and flower as female plants only. Their breeding process eliminates virtually all male chromosomes; the probability of female plants growing is 99.9%.

Before feminized seeds were introduced to the market, regular seeds were the norm. These were typically made up of 50% male and 50% female seeds. This was often a source of frustration for growers who were forced to double the number of seedlings in order to ensure a satisfactory number of female plants for future cultivation.

We offer a selection of the best feminized marijuana seeds for sale online. Our highest standards and rigorous testing methods ensure that only the best feminized seeds are available to buy online today. With years of successful transactions, let our team of experienced feminized cannabis seeds salespeople help guide you toward the garden of your dreams. While we can’t guarantee specific effects for each strain, we have researched the general trends and common feedback from other consumers in order to give our customers a well-rounded idea of what to expect from their Gorilla Lemon Fire Fem or Gelato seeds. We also aim to supply growers with the added specifications of flowering time, expected yields, aroma, and medical benefits so that our customers can make the most informed decision on their feminized seed purchase.

Seedling Stage – As small seedlings, this is the time that your plants are really at their most fragile state. Using sturdy genuine seeds with resilient qualities is important here since cheap seeds or old seeds are more likely to flop on you during the seedling stage. Be sure to supplement with lots of lights and provide a gentle breeze to begin hardening the stems early on for a robust plant. Weed plants in the seedling stage do not require any additional nutrients, but just prefer good clean water and some nitrogen-rich compost mixed in with the growth medium.

Similar to Asparagus and Spinach Plants, Cannabis is a dioecious plant. This means that the opposing genders have their own distinct flower-types that exist on separate plants. Compare this to other crops like corn or cucumber which are monoecious plants, containing both sex organs on one plant and being capable of self-pollination. Now, both male and female cannabis plants will produce flowers, or as we like to call them ‘buds’, but they are not the same size and quality.

Advantages of buying marijuana seeds online

Things to Consider when growing Feminized Seeds Indoors

In addition to the stressors above, female plants can also switch genders based on, but not limited to, the following:

First feminized strain – difficult to prove the first seed ever developed, but among early contenders are still-famous strains like Skunk #1 and Northern Lights.

Depending on your home state’s policies, you may need to keep your outdoor grow under wraps. This means replacing that rickety fence you’ve been putting off for years with something a little taller. Perhaps you choose to buy a small greenhouse kit online and place your feminized cannabis plants in there. Companion planting next to certain other tall plants, like tomatoes or sunflowers, can help to mask the appearance of your pot plants and keep it discreetly hidden from any nosy neighbors.