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Realice un pedido hace un par de semanas, y por curiosidad despues mire las opiniones y me asuste un poco por los comentarios negativos. He probado con una variedad de las que compre "Purple Kush" Y el ratio de germinacion ha sido de 4 de 5 . Las 4 que han germinado lo hicieron en 48 horas y estan bastante sanas y vigorosas. Merece la pena.

Product Quality: Id say a solid 7,5 out of ten.

guest France, March 2021

of 60 seeds I had a 95% germination rate In 2017 out with the picked autopflowers. Healthy looking plants, which were not all the same as someone here has suggested. Only one pack, Caramel King Auto, was a bust with 0/10 and I got even those replaced over at where I ordered them.Those who showed a bad pheno ratio were White Dwarf Auto, Critical Auto and Ananas Funk (reg. photoperiod & fem), which I would never buy again from the Bulk Seed Bank, but hey, I was in a mood to experiment and check out a few strains. On top Critical showed signs of hermis. So ill pass on that one. I got decent bud though and I was a bit surprised by the bad reputation here.The Sour Diesel, Devils Kiss, Sweet Tooth, Cheese, Good White Shark and Purple Glam Kush were stable though, delivered up to 90g per plant and were shining with the amount of trichomes, especially the Sour Diesel, Good White Shark and Grandaddy Purple Kush fused the tips of my fingers together. If you know their best strains, they offer original genetics for less money. I use and help out friends from time to time and none have ever complained. Not the top notch genetics as with other seedbanks, where some seeds cost 10 bucks a piece, but interesting if you have to grow classics in large quantaties outdoors, e.G. do guerillia growing. I do this outdoors and the price for money-value is unbeatable. They remind me of Nirvana

Bulk Seeds is listed as "gray" at the SeedFinder. This means we do not have very much info about this seedbank – you should have a view to the user-reviews or try by self at your own risk. Btw. This company is listed as a breeder at the SeedFinder.

09/27/2017 no seeds, no response from Bulk Seeds

Original Orange Bud

She is tough ! Easy to grow.
Energetic, speedy but not racy high.
Very long lasting.
Great wake and bake strain.
Good with sports.
Euphoric, talkative, creative high without dry mouth.Very comfy.
Smells like orange basket .

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Auto Good Wild Shark

I am smoking just before work 🙂 Great for social jobs.
Everything is so funny and easy with this girl.

Thanks for the support guys.
Wonderful community, i am glad to be here.
Happy growing 🙂

Here’s some shots of the full tent a week ago and then the Caramel King and the Devil’s Kiss

Week three now and the plants have been under LST for the past few days. Two of the plants have just started showing signs of flowering. They are still fairly small, but I’m hoping that the stretching period is quite aggressive.

The girls are currently at day 7, they had a rough first week with heat wave conditions heating the tent up to 35’C.

Auto Warrior

I will keep feeding them a mixture of "Microlife", worm castings, kelp and molasses for another week or so, and then begin the flowering nutrients with some BioBizz.

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After having a successful Jack Heree outdoor result. I picked up 5 strains from Bulk Seed Bank, at extremely cheap prices. Wanted to see what the genetics are like at 1/4 the price of most autos.

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