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bulk feminized marijuana seeds

Your customers are counting on you to bring out the big guns. Give them what they want by ordering wholesale marijuana seeds from us. You’ll reap the benefits with groovy discounts and ecstatic clients, and we’ll be lucky enough to have you on our team!

Pacific Seed Bank hits all the right notes when it comes to marijuana seeds. Our high quality feminized wholesale marijuana seeds are lab-tested with guaranteed genetics, and we never skimp on freshness or viability. Add to that our industry-leading 90% Germination Guarantee and you’ve got a real recipe for success. When it comes to serving your customers, settle for nothing less than the absolute best.

Wholesale Marijuana Seeds

Whichever you choose, our friendly customer service team is standing by to give you a hand with any questions or concerns you might have, or to simply provide you with the information you need about the strains you’ve purchased and the best way to cultivate your marijuana garden. We’ve compiled detailed information for each strain in regards to:

Critical Jack is a 50/50 hybrid that provides a light smoke with long-lasting cerebral effects, making you feel creative, energetic, and uplifted.

To find the best deals on wholesale marijuana seeds, look no further than Pacific Seed Bank. We know that purchasing marijuana seeds in bulk can be a stressful experience – are you choosing the finest strains from a reputable company that will continue to provide top-quality products at excellent prices? It’s important to know exactly who you’re dealing with when making this kind of investment, and here at Pacific Seed Bank we aim to be transparent in our business practices, as well as supply our diverse customer base with the highest quality marijuana seeds at the best possible price – we guarantee your customers will be satisfied with their purchases, so much so they’ll keep coming back for more!

Indoors, this strain is vigorous and fast. 9 plants per square meter will fill the growing room after just 2 weeks of growth. Guiding nets with the SCRoG method are most recommended and the plants will be ready for harvest after a 2-month flowering period. The yield can be of approximately 400 g/m2. Outdoors, this plant can easily grow past 2 meters of height and it can be grown under all weather conditions. Applying organic fertilizers is highly recommended as it will enhance the flavor and the resin production. It will be ready for harvest towards the end of September and it can yield up to 650 g per plant.

Outdoors bulk seeds: Our catalogue includes plenty of different outdoors seeds, like for example Baby Dirck and Kali Mist, among others. Any of those two will produce strong plants.

Critical: Perfect for indoor growth due to its reduced size and its fast-flowering capabilities. Regarding its yield, it is mainly centred around its central stem. It stands out for its euphoric and relaxing effects and also for its citrus and fruity flavors without being acidic.

What bulk seeds are sold at Growbarato?

Quality and price don’t always go together. As proof of this, GB The Green Brand (Growbarato) offers the best indoors and outdoors bulk seeds at a very competitive price. These types of seeds feature a great genetic variety that has been stabilized in order to prevent any germination problems and they come from the best Spanish and international seed banks.

Indoors, it can be harvested after more or less 70 days, placing 6 plants per square meter in 7-11 L pots. Provided with proper lighting, this plant can yield 450 g/m2 easily. It should be grown in a dry and warm climate and the SOG system is highly recommended. Outdoors, it can yield up to 600 g per plant and it will be ready for trimming towards mid-October. It can easily grow past 2.5 m of height.

Gorilla Glue 4: Mythical strain created by backcrossing Chem Sis, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. Its medium-tall structure is herculean and full of branches. Perfect to perform heavy extractions. Regarding its flavors, this cultivar is known for its sweet and earthy shades combined with lemony and spiced touches. Its effects start off as joyful and euphoric but soon wear off and a full sense of relaxation takes over.

Out of GB’s extensive catalogue, we can highlight some strains that would be perfect for both indoors or outdoors grows.

Every cannabis seed strain is available and comes in multiples of 100 seeds.

Looking for cheap marijuana seeds? Looking to buy big? SAVE UP TO 55% when you buy our wholesale marijuana seeds in bulk. The MSNL wholesale marijuana seeds section opens up our entire catalogue of seeds at wholesale prices. This includes feminized, regular and autoflowering strains which include cannabis cup winners, cult classics and MSNL exclusives. You don’t have to be a retailer or professional to take advantage, these wholesale prices are available to one and all.

ARE YOU A SHOP? If you are a retailer or distributor and you are interested in our range, please contact us with your company details and we will provide you with a distributor price list.


The harvest producing female sex of the cannabis plant. These seeds are guaranteed to flower and produce a crop.

Our wholesale marijuana seeds are already heavily discounted, and we also have other seed promotions going on at MSNL where sometimes the sale prices on a normal pack of 10 seeds may be better than the discount for 100 seeds. If you find the same item on sale at a cheaper price on our website, please email us and we will match that deal and throw in a gift of some extra free seeds.

It is a simple pricing structure; the more you order the bigger the discount, with savings of up to 55% off the retail cost when you order 500 or more seeds of any single strain. That’s a serious reduction!

Regular seeds are chemically unaltered are deliver a mix of male and female, these are the cheapest form of seed package.