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best stealth packaging

Any package travelling outside the UK will have a small blue airmail sticker (like the one in the top left). Packages to the EU will show a return address on the back of the envelope. Non-EU packages will show a return address on the front of the package (top left) along with a Customs Label attached too.

For packages posted via UK Signed For, you will see a UK Signed For sticker attached. Similarly, when sent via International Signed For, you will see a Royal Mail International Signed For sticker attached to the package.

First of all, whichever delivery method you select for your cannabis seeds, you can expect your package to arrive looking a lot like this from the outside:

For extra stealth and speed, we also offer Courier Stealth Delivery. This option is only available as a Building Block Toy Stealth Delivery (selected for its extra security, as the package will be inspected during collection). Our Courier Stealth Delivery method is more expensive, but arrives between only 2 – 4 days from the despatch date.

Below is an example of what a World Signed For Delivery package sent outside of the EU will look like when it arrives:

They will always encourage customers to use express shipping as it guarantees deliveries with the fastest turnaround time. In rare cases Customs actually seizes the items, they will assure you of a reshipment. Express shipping also comes with tracking so it will be easier for the customer to know where his item is.

Their shipment options vary from domestic to international, Express to Regular, No Signature required, Tracking with Insurance, and Reshipping in case the item got seized.

We have tackled what stealth shipping is all about and how it works. Let us now go to marijuana seed banks that ship to USA. Expect that most seed banks have this but these are the top 5 companies that will give you a 100% guarantee. Of course, this will all depend on your personal preference. While some may find one appealing, others may not feel the same way. Take what we have to say with a grain of salt and make sure you do what is most comfortable. Remember, you will always have the final say! So, which exactly is the best stealth shipping seed bank?

Rocket seeds

The longest it will take is 21 days for regular shipping outside the USA and 14 days for express shipping. For their international orders, they require international shipping with tracking for $30 for an accurate and guaranteed delivery.

Service dogs can be very sensitive to smell, especially to perfumes and colognes and they will immediately warn their officers. If the service dog feels that there is an outright intention to mask the item, that item will be automatically confiscated.

MJ Seeds Canada always has repeat customers which means they really give excellent customer service and good stealth shipping. Premium strains include White Widow, White Queen, Super Silver Haze, Purple Power, and Short Rider. These are always readily available in MJ Seeds Canada. The vast libraries of weed strains cover everything you could want! From autoflowering to high yielding strains, MJ Seeds Canada boasts one of the biggest inventories in online seed banks.

Basically, a good packaging for marijuana seeds shipment will be something that is crush-proof, unmarked, and sealed properly to wary off suspicions. Here are some ways a seed bank may pack your item.

If you order marijuana seeds, just to be sure we will send these with the stealth method, which almost always
arrives properly.

On this box we will only put the address of the recipient. We put nothing on the box that reveals what you
ordered or from which company it’s coming, so no one will be able to see where you placed your order or
what the package contains. sends all it’s products as discrete as possible. This means that small products will be sent in
a white padded envelope and bigger products will be sent in an appropriate shipping box.

Stealth (hidden) shipments

Marijuana seeds are sent inside the back of a CD or DVD box. When you receive the padded envelope, you
will find a blank CD or DVD inside. Carefully open the bottom of the CD or DVD box, where you will find
the seeds.