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autoflower seedling

Autoflowering cannabis plants are hardy, fast, and easy to cultivate in confined spaces. What’s not to love? Learn how to grow them week by week below.

However, their yields aren’t as spectacular as those obtained from photoperiod giants, but, the trade-off for brevity makes the decision worthwhile for most growers.


Germination usually takes 1–3 days. During this time, your seeds will activate and send a root down into the soil and a shoot above the surface. To begin the germination process, you’ll need to prepare a suitable soil mix. Autoflowers don’t need as much nutrients as photoperiod varieties and prefer light and airy soil.

Follow the fail-safe week-by-week grow guide below for a quick and easy route to harvest time. We cover all of the parameters and variables you need to consider—at the correct times—to ensure your plants remain healthy, vigorous, and productive.

After you’ve prepared the mix, add some Easy Boost Organic Nutrition to the blend. These pellets will slowly release adequate levels of nutrition into the soil, providing foundational elements and minerals for the entire growing cycle. Add some mycorrhiza to the soil to help your plants flourish later down the line. These symbiotic fungi will bind to the root system and help your plants uptake nutrients more effectively.

Cannabis seeds already contain two cotyledons (or embryonic leaves) that unravel and push the seed casing from the shoot. After the cotyledons emerge, cannabis plants will develop their first set of true leaves. These will grow out of the main stem and have just one finger.



While their roots are young and still developing, cannabis seedlings absorb water via osmosis in their leaves. To optimise this process, it’s super important to keep relative humidity levels at 40–60%.

As the name suggests, white powdery mildew is a type of mould that forms as a white, flour-like powder on the leaves of your plants.

Remember, rapid growth and vibrant green foliage are telltale signs of healthy seedlings.

because Seedlings use elements from the seed itself you don’t have to give any added nutrients to your growing environment and give them plain water. The watering should be regular but they must not dampen the growing medium too much as too wet (soggy) growing environment increases mold and other bacteria risk but in general you must water more frequent at this stage of growth but also give relatively small amount of water. I like to water my seedling with a hand held humidifier because this allows me to not only water the ground but also moisten that young plant itself and that is convenient because those youngsters need somewhere from 60 to 80 % humidity to flourish!

A seedling is a young plant or rather that plants growth stage. This growth stage is every naturally grown plants first life cycle and it is also the most fragile and the most dangerous of them all.

How the growth differs from later growth stages?

Cannabis at this growth stage grows slowly and focuses most of the energy to root growth in order to cover more ground in search for nutrients and also to stabilize itself in the ground. Basically anything that this young plant does is there because it is programmed to survive and that is why you should be careful not to damage this delicate plant. At this start growth stage cannabis plants don’t use almost any nutrients from the surrounding environment and use up all the elements that were present in that seed when it was formed.

A humidity dome is a device that lets you increase the humidity of a particular area of your grow room by enclosing it in see-trough plastic and not letting in any outside air. These domes help with humidity and also temperature control and not many growers use them for seedlings but they should, because, in them you can easily increase or decrease that humidity percentage, and you just have a greater overall control of that grow environment!

Cannabis seedlings can grow in almost any light schedule but light schedule as well as intensity and color can affect how fast you seedling develops. I usually keep my seedling under fluorescent lights that run 24/7 as I have found out this increases the growth a bit. In general it is really hard to measure any actual changes in plants if you give them 1 hour less light or keep them in a bit colder than average room only while they are at their seedling phase but thinking about the factors that are involved in that young plants growth we can deduct that: