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autoflower outdoor australia

Autoflowers, with their short growing season, are ideal for cultivation in Australia as it is easily possible to enjoy multiple harvests each year. Bountiful sunshine allows autos to flourish and reap rich rewards, so if you are lucky enough to live Down Under, you might as well take advantage of the latest generation of high-quality autoflowering weed seeds.

Blue Dream Autoflowering is a cannabis hybrid with a carefully citrus, woody scent that exhibits notes of citrus, cedar, sweet fruit and Haze in flavor. Its effect causes a socializing, clear, cerebral, powerful and long-lasting “high”. It is recommended for Haze lovers and people who demand quality.

Top 5 autoflowering seeds Australia

Gorilla Glue Auto is a fantastic Sativa Indica autoflower, vigorous, hardy, easy to grow, fast flowering and heavy yielding. No wonder it is one of the most popular autoflower strains in Australia.

Gorilla Glue Auto has a very pleasant and smooth taste and aroma, with hints of lemon, pine, sweet fruit and the Diesel variety. The effect is very strong cerebral/physical well-balanced, with great potency and a pleasantly long duration.

Bruce Banner quickly built a reputation for its incredible THC content. With levels of up to 25%, the amazing potency of this fresh and fruity strain makes her popular with day users and professional stoners in Australia. This mostly Sativa hybrid is best kept for the day, and inexperienced users may want to steer clear of it – Bruce Banner Auto is not messing around!

Hey guys i live in oz i just ordered these auto strains from planetskunk they are female seeds im going to growing outside under the sun anyone had experience shipping to australia from this store?

will let you know when they arrive

1 x Tundra® Auto Flowering & Feminized
1 x Automaria (Ruderalis)

10 female seeds of each

Automaria Feminised from Paradise Seeds
A fast flowering stoney plant of Ruderalis/Indica origin. This plant, as the name suggests, spontaneously starts making resinous flowers even in the middle of summer or indoors, no matter how many hours of light. These seeds guarantee a quick harvest, "instant satisfaction".

Longer-flowering strains are approaching harvest all through May, so watching trichomes is as important as ever. Larger sativas will want to have the upper, more mature flowers removed early in the month to give the lower flowers more light. They will then be harvested later in the month after a few weeks unshaded.

• North
AVG day length: 13:22–13:39
AVG temp: 34°C

• North
AVG day length: 13:34–13:39
AVG temp: 34°C


• North
AVG day length: 13:22–13:27
AVG temp: 34°C

The first autoflower crop should be started in the north and south. As they are not reliant on photoperiod to determine growth, shorter days only mean slightly smaller plants for this first round.

It is the last month of winter, and growers are dreaming of the coming season. Down south, there are still a few months to go before a natural planting cycle that follows the seasons. But those keen for huge, dreamy cannabis trees will be popping seeds now to put under supplemental lighting until spring, or putting clones aside to start a full vegetation prior to going outside.

In general, September is still too early to guarantee proper germination and early vegetation. It is always tempting to plant early in spring, but in the south of the nation, planting this early can affect final flower production. There won’t be more than 12 hours of light until later in the month. Plants may vegetate well and look great, but the buds can end up fluffy and poorly developed. Unless the grow spot is fully exposed to sun from dawn till dusk, it is better to wait until next month to guarantee good end results.