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Also IMO, it’s more important that the shipping address is not the place you grow. I don’t have anywhere to ship to other than my place so I just don’t do it at all (sigh. ).

In other words, be careful as often as possible. Generally one or two things done without ‘420 best-practices’ in mind will not get you flagged so to speak, and considering the typical methods used when agencies mine the data for these relationships, I suggest that you should be safe once or twice but frankly, why even risk being in the system at all. Do everything you can to obfuscate what you purchase, who purchased it, where it will ‘end up’ etc etc ect.

IMO, just go to a 7-11and get a money order and find a seed bank who accepts.

If this is a personal thing where you are worried about another close friend/relative seeing the itemized bill, this all obviously is moot.

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One last ‘IMO’ statement is that if I had to wager I’d say that if there were ‘any’ investigations that occurred solely on the basis of seed purchase, those all began with customs. not with the credit record.
Meaning that, even with the common knowledge that credit card companies, albeit indirectly, provide raw purchase data to various federal agencies which they in turn ‘mine’ for various patterns, the sheer volume inherently curtails investigative consideration of each and every instance without further corroborating data.
Basically the software used to parse mined data should, by nature, ‘alert/report’ using basically an algorithm, that among other things must (obviously) limit ‘false positives’ or minimally order the ‘alerts/reports’ in such a manner that only the most blatent and obvious ‘relationships’ would givien significant investigative effort.

Rarely get plump, fresh seeds. I think they send the oldest seeds to the USA. I have had many that do not germinate or start to germinate and dont have enough vitality to push their way up out of the dirt. The last order was small and they managed to send the wrong stuff. I am going to start using seedbanks that are right here in the USA.

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I proved to them, even by Royal Mails website that Attitude didn’t even send them correctly. but I’m being told I have to take responsibility for their actions because I didn’t pay for insurance. . What.

Been ordering for Attitude since 2009 or so. Drop a couple grand over the years. Last order land in the USA no issues. Always ordered in breeder pack. Received in freedbie packs with not even the empty breeders packs. Only reason I ordered from the was stock in the US was gone and after watching the attitude’s stock come back, which was a little sketchy anyways after all was gone in the US, I pulled the trigger.
So don’t know. Sure they’ll say it’s bulk sent packs and they just repackage. Which even in the pass that was the case I ALWAYS received breeders packaging. Could be legit or maybe not. Not going put much faith in them. Sprout and see. But Attitudes off the buy from list for me.

Simona also said that if they did make an inquiry about my parcel(my property, what I paid for) they would tell them that it contained "Cannabis seeds" even though Attitude makes a statuary declaration on the parcel that it contains "baby’s toys".By doing this they sabotage any hope of me getting my parcel. Simona said the owner of Attitude seeds was "fully" aware of the situation.

I have ordered at least five times from these guys. My last order from them was way back in 2013 because of a postal seizure. However, due to the insurance I thankfully purchased, they promptly sent my replacement order. At the risk of exposing a fairly clever masking technique, the exterior of the replacement envelope appeared to be (festively) hand decorated by a 12 yr old bubbly British girl happily sending her American pen-pal an Xmas gift. Anyway, freaked out, of course and after a bit of research, I found out that there, supposedly, was/is a Jamaican(?) group in the USPS Chicago hub that flagged seedbanks from Europe. So, of course, as Murphy dictates, my order was seized. Evidently, this group regularly seized seeds, especially around Xmas time. From what I read, if true, the scam involved taking several seeds from the envelope and turning in a fraction of seeds to appear legit, then they would insert the standard contents seized for illegal..blah blah blah letter to freak people out even more. Or, they were seized legitimately and because of the volume of thousands of semillas coming through the hub, my name/addy was simply added to a database-hopefully never forwarded to a woefully understaffed govt branch. Neither scenario meant anything good for me so I could not take a chance being on anyones radar and, consequently, I stopped buying and started producing. Making my own feminized seeds and cloning was interesting and fun but limiting in my tiny circle of trust. However, with seven years passing and Illinois becoming a recreationally-legal state now I felt comfortable to indulge Attitude again. Their last birthday promotion was also too good to pass up. Well, this time the envelope came postmarked from a different country and, again, had a personal feel to it. And, it was hidden so well that after opening it I thought it was seized again. My old eyes and hasty inspection didnt help. After a short (embarrassing) chat with cs I found them. Finally, and more relevantly, Ive ordered several times before 2013 and never had a seed not germinate. The cs is always relatively prompt, meaning you need to factor the 6hr time difference (in my case). Ive never used anyone else so I cant contrast my experience with other banks but, given the wholly positive experience with them, it doesnt matter.

Payment options with Attitude seed banks are aplenty. Options were limited earlier, but now they accept the majority and almost all standard payment methods in use. Being a UK based seed bank, they charge the transactions in GBP that is the UK currency, UK pounds.

For professional growers, breeders, and who love surprises and also want to polish their cultivation skills, the Attitude seed bank has landrace strains and regular seeds.

Yes, international gift cards are accepted at Attitude Seed Bank for payments. You can also pay through multiple gift cards for a single payment. However, the cards should be international and must be cleared for use internationally to help the transaction go through.

4. Do Attitude seed bank ships discreetly?

Yes, Attitude Seed Bank is one of the most trusted cannabis seed banks and definitely worth your money. They have an excellent track record and also an excellent reputation in the cannabis community regarding their service and strain.

Reviews about Attitude seed banks are mixed online. They range from hailing for their excellent service to mocking them for non-germinating and low-quality seeds. However, we think it more of know-how and experience with seeds and the crop. Also, with thousands of varieties, it is self-evident to find few or a little more seeds which do not germinate the way a user has wanted.

Links to these fantastic cup winning seeds and strains are down below:

Yes, Attitude seed bank now accepts bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. They accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, DGB, Ethereum, Z-cash, Verge, Monero, and various others.