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Green Inferno

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And, if you have, is a reputable breeder. Rated a 4 and a half star at , been around for 10 years.

Special Price (US) $ 159.00

Regular Price: (US) $ 197.00

Special Price (US) $ 169.00

Why You Should Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Special Price (US) $ 189.00

Always check which local rules and legislations are for your area before you ever purchase cannabis seeds. While we try to stay up to date ourselves, every state differs in the United States. For us at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, it gives us immense joy to see your auto plants bud up and flourish.

Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically engineered seeds that produce only female plants, unlike regular seeds. The objectives of producing an all female plant are to guarantee yield and to preserve the unique characteristics of the variety.

Special Price (US) $ 149.00

They have many clients all over the world who are extremely pleased with brilliant products and services. White Widow Feminized, Blueberry Muffin Feminized, AK 47 XTRM Autoflowering, and Blue Dream XTRM are some of the best-selling strains of AMS. Indica-dominant White Widow from AMS holds between 20 to 30% THC content, which makes it a favorite among recreational users.

According to Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ official website, Bitcoin could be the preferred technique and is processed the quickest, around one hour after the order is placed.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – History and Market Reputation

You can buy cannabis seeds in 5, 10, or 20 seed quantities, but that may differ with some products.

Even for someone who is not extremely familiar with technology, the website is really easy to use. All you need to do is choose the category of interest, from regular to feminized, medical, auto-flowering, or all strains from the top menu and go from there.

Reviews for AMS are primarily optimistic, with their average rating on TrustPilot hovering around 4/5.