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amsterdam seeds review

The cannabis seeds in this category give premium yields, yes, but they are nowhere close to being high priced. Besides, cannabis seeds in this variety are stellar-quality hybrids.

You can buy cannabis seeds in 5, 10, or 20 seed quantities, but that may differ with some products.

Variety of Strains Offered by Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Click Here to check the list of nations where they do not ship. If you live in Canada, online dispensaries like Crop King Seeds and i49 are preferable options to get the quickest delivery. Both i49 and Crop King Seeds have earned themselves decent fame in this line of work.

Besides, even though the organization is based in the Netherlands, they can ship seeds worldwide. Therefore, you can order seeds at AMS as long as you have a legitimate address.

Nowadays, the AMS office is still based in Amsterdam, though it has rapidly gotten one of the largest dispensaries.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds was founded in Amsterdam in 2002 by a man who goes by the name of “Joe Green”.

You can search for strains via a variety of criteria including seed type (regular, feminized, auto-flowering), strain type (indica, sativa, hybrid), climate (indoor, outdoor), THC level, plant size, plant yield, level of growing difficulty and flowering time.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Pros

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds does have a sale tab on the top of their site where you can find popular seeds at a discounted price and possibly receive extra seeds with your order, though again it’s not readily advertised.

AMS offers customers several different payment methods to choose from including via credit/debit card (Visa and Mastercard only), bank transfer, Western Union, BitCoin and cash.

According to many online forums, AMS’ seed quality is very high and customers report large yields and strong, healthy, abundant plants.

They should be sprouted by a week in soil, especially if they were already germed.

And some ppl just like making a big deal out of things. I read some cloning articles that tell you to sanitise everything with alcohol, or sanitize your blade in between every cut, or even to make your cut under water. Lmao. There plants man, ppl make it to difficult.

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And just to let you know, you don’t rly need to sterilize or boil a cup for germing, or anything really. There plants, they live in dirt.

You put the taproot pointing down when you planted them right?

Not tryin to be a dick, just givin some tips.