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With two highly diverse indica and sativa strains for parents, the terpene profile determining the scent and flavour of Amazing Haze is a rich blend of aromatic molecules. Caryophyllene and myrcene tend to have the upper hand, although terpene composition does tend to vary from one grow setup to the next. The determining factor in the unmistakable Amazing Haze bouquet comes from the Caramello side, however, as its sultry sweet caramel tones make the taste of its thick smoke quite unforgettable. Taken together, all elements culminate in a lovely sweet palate sensation with lovely touches of earth for balance. The taste of Amazing Haze tingles and lingers on long after you exhale.

Amazing Haze feminized cannabis seeds pack a veritable cornucopia of different effects. That makes it a very interesting strain; not just for growing, but for consumption, too. Her unsurpassed highs are quite cerebral, full of energizing cheer and uplifting mental stimulation. Some would say that qualifies Amazing Haze as a daytime strain, but for others, she’s a fine pick for a lively finish of the day. No matter what, though, she always brings a serious THC range and powerful entourage boost provided by her flavourful terpene profile.

Yes indeed: Amazing Haze has got us singing from the top of our lungs back here in Amsterdam! You’ll understand why once you realize the poetry we managed to capture in this strain’s genetics. We were already mighty pleased with the high-powered Amnesia Haze that Amsterdam fell in love with. Ever since we crossed those Amnesia genes with the overwhelmingly tasty Caramello strain, though, this city has been singing the praises of this 24% THC indica-sativa hybrid weed strain. If this is your first time growing Amazing Haze seeds, you may want to warn your neighbours, because you may find yourself singing along soon…

Medical Potential

Perhaps Amazing Haze is not your best choice if this is your first ever attempt at growing cannabis. Still, the main trick in cultivating this strain to full effect is patience, lots of patience. Flowering times average at around 9 to 10 weeks, so if you’re planning to grow outside, be sure to go in early or you’ll be harvesting after the autumn rain sets in. If you do manage to let her flower all the way, you’re in for a considerable reward. With the right treatment and nutrient mix, her buds turn ginormous, which in itself does pose a bit of an increased fungus risk towards harvest time. She does have a bit of that familiar sativa sensitivity, though, so don’t treat her rough and try not to stress her out too much.

An interesting blend of two genetic extremes, Amazing Haze appears to provide medicinal possibilities worth exploring. Its uplifting headbuzz tendencies suggest applications for sadness, low energy and depression-like symptoms, for which the strain is widely appreciated indeed. Some report significant improvement of migraines and lasting headaches for this predominantly brain-directed strain. In fact, Amazing Haze is often quoted as a personal favourite for chronic fatigue and associated conditions, but of course, it works equally well if you’re just having an off-day or a slow start. Add a cup of coffee and something sweet to nibble on, and you’re all set for a productive, positive run!

Amazing Haze cannabis seeds manage to encompass the full spectrum of weed genetics almost in its entirety. That’s quite an achievement, and it probably account for much of what makes this steamroller strain so unique in its varied effects. The genetic diversity of Amazing Haze is directly due to the mixed, open-minded marriage between two hugely complementary parent plants. Amnesia Haze is an iconic 70% sativa monolith, whereas Caramella brings an impressive 80% indica genome to the table. If you know the classic effects associated with either branch of the Great Weed Family Tree, you know you’re in for a special ride. Well, you guessed right: start your engines, for the Amazing Haze Race is about to start!

Indoors, this formidable lady can be challenging to keep at a manageable height, so be ready to train her gently during her fast-paced vegetative stage. Outdoors, the same advice could come in handy, except for growers who don’t mind watching a healthy ganja tree develop in the garden!

This is a major favorite among growers; apart from its amazing colors, blueberry has an extremely distinct fruity taste and a whole lot of resin yield. This strain grows tall and lanky with long branches that are easily bent into a SCROG mesh where you can get the absolute most out of this baby. Outdoors it will be the Queen of the garden once it begins flowering to the max. After around 70 days of flowering indoors you’ll be ready to harvest, and outdoors it should be ready around the middle of October. You’ll need to protect it from the rain outdoors; this strain prefers warm climates with cool nights.

This is another super-yielding plant that’s Sativa-dominant in effect, although it grows quite quickly indoors. In just 60 flowering days you should get some Blueberry-like buds but with an amazing density that doubles the buds in weight thanks to its Hight Level ancestry. It’s an extremely potent strain and its high THC levels will make even the most experienced tokers rethink rolling that extra blunt; it has some extreme mental effects and a fruity and sweet smell that will trick you into thinking it isn’t as strong as it is.


This strain is really worth treating like a Queen; it flowers just as fast indoors as it does outdoors, and that early flowering period is easily a big perk for hot and sunny climates where it will flower under the heat of the sun. It’s a strain that’s easy to take care of and control both indoors and outdoors, making it perfect for beginners that are looking for easy plants to grow. They’re extremely compact with thick branches that can easily deal with the weight of the buds that it produces. In outdoors this plant should be ready towards the end of September, offering an amazing yield. If grown with natural fertilizers you should get top quality flavors and aromas from this strain.

This is a strain that every grower should grow at least one in their lives. This plant has a super sweet flavor and you’ll be turning heads if you leave the house with some of this aromatic bud on you. It has an earthy, sweet flavor and most of the yield comes from the main cola. If you’re growing indoors you’ll need to plant around 9 per grow light if you want to get a decent yield. Outdoors they grow nice, big branches although you’ll need to train the branches so as they can put up with the weight.

Blue Cheese is a hybrid between Blueberry and Cheese, growing robust plants that are more than capable of dealing with the weight of their heavy buds; extremely compact and perfect for indoor grows where the gigantic buds are extremely eye-catching. The buds are thick, long and extremely dense. Towards the end of the flowering period they become a beautiful color and acquire an amazing aroma that might even hypnotize you if you stick around for too long! It has a mentally and bodily relaxing effect.

Zkittlez has quickly become a new classic with its tropical flavors and uplifting effects, and it also makes an absolutely delicious dab.

Short and squat, and sweet like candy, Runtz was Leafly’s Strain of the year in 2020.

Backstory: Get ready for a bright lemon flavor profile with light floral notes in Lemonnade. Also called “The Original Lemonnade,” this strain is potent, so new smokers should take it easy.


Strain type: Sativa

Why we love it: Stretching is a great way to connect with your body. If you can’t stretch your body, you can always use Mango to help stretch your imagination to new heights or just vibe out on its tropical scent.

Parent strains: Unknown; possibly Hindu Kush, Chemdog, and Lemon Thai

Backstory: Short for “Miracle Alien Cookies,” MAC has beastly big, dense, and icy colas with blistering THC levels. Related strain MAC 1 came about when breeder Capulator nearly lost all of his Starfighter seeds in the laundry and named the survivor “Miracle.”