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100 female seeds

You can grow it indoors or outdoors, and however, if you are growing it indoors, then you would need to keep a good grow tent with the ability to control temperature and other conditions.

This best marijuana strain won the Cannabis cup in 2004 for being very famous at that time.

You can even use this as medical marijuana if you want. The strain will help out in things like loss of appetite, chronic pain, insomnia, stress, etc.


If you live in Mediterranean areas, then you would have the ability to get multiple harvests per season! These marijuana strains will grow indoors, outdoors, and even in balconies.

Let’s start with the first one, eh?

This marijuana strain is very easy to grow and will grow on either indoors settings or outdoors setting. The plant takes about 9 weeks to grow and provide you with dense buds that are densely packed from top to the bottom of this cannabis plant.

The effects of this train include a very happy and uplifted mood along with joy and cerebral head high. You will get an instant boost as you get from a good cup of coffee.

An incredible range of Feminised and Auto Feminised Seeds from Cannabis Seeds Store featuring well-known genetics including Auto Amnesia and Stardawg.
The Bulk Cannabis Seed packs offer great value for money for customers looking to quickly expand their collection. Packs of 100 Feminised and Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds are priced from £100.00

Now available – 100 Seed Bulk Pack American Strains:
Auto Girl Scout Cookies Auto Gorilla Glue Bruce Banner Chemdawg Gelato Girl Scout Cookies Gorilla Glue Gorilla Zkittlez Granddaddy Purple Purple Urkle Sherbet Sour Diesel Stardawg Zkittlez

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List of the best feminized seeds to buy and grow, ordered by best sellers. The top feminized marijuana seed strain buyers guide for 2021. Seeds ship to USA and worldwide.

8. Girl Scout Crack Feminized Seeds

Gorilla Zkittles is a new high-yielding hybrid by Barney’s Farm that combines the genetics of 2 popular US cannabis strains—Gorilla Glue #4 and Zkittles. An aggressive grower indoors and outdoors, Gorilla Zkittles feminized seeds develop into resilient, mostly indica plants that get 4 to 7 feet tall. The large resinous colas are ready to harvest at 8 to 9 weeks of flowering. Fruity flavors. Indica stone. High 24% THC.

Special Queen #1 by Royal Queen Seeds is an easy-to-grow Skunk hybrid feminized seed strain available at a low cost. At under $5 per seed, these are some good cheap feminized seeds. Royal Queen #1 grows well in most environments, reaching up to 10 feet tall outdoors. Indoors, the plants can be optimized for yield by using SOG or SCROG techniques. Its stinky buds produce loads of red hairs and have a sweet taste. 50/50 indica/sativa. 18% THC.

Gelat.OG by Seedsman is the outcome of breeding two well-known West Coast strains together, Gelato and OG Kush. With a beautiful appearance, great yields, short flowering time, and high THC content, it’s no surprise why Gelat.OG are some of the best-selling feminized seeds online in 2021. The moderate-sized indica-dominant plants are suitable for cultivation both indoors and outdoors. Its strong smelly buds give sweet citrus and earthy flavors. Hard-hitting indica stone. High 25% THC.

Skywalker OG is an American indica dominant marijuana strain created by crossing OG Kush to Skywalker. These feminized seeds perform best in a dry area with plenty of light. A heavy producer in terms of yield and resin content, Skywalker OG responds well to topping, super-cropping, and SCROG cultivation techniques. Its buds are super frosty, dense, pungent, and potent. Up to 26% THC.